Buckley’s Story Wins 2010 Merial Human-Animal Bond Award

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I’m thrilled and honored to announce that Buckley’s Story won the 2010 Merial Human-Animal Bond Award at the International Cat Writers Association’s annual awards banquet on Saturday.

The award is presented to the entry that best reflects and promotes the strengthening of the human-animal bond, highlighting the bond between a cat and its owner, as well as their relationship with their veterinarian as another direct caregiver. 

“There was a heavy emphasis throughout on material that reflects and promotes the strengthening of the human-animal bond as well as highlighting the bond between cat and owner, “says Betty Carmack, author of Grieving the Death of a Pet and leader of a long-running Pet Loss Support Group at the San Francisco SPCA.  “There was example after example – each touching and each significant to the overall story. Additionally this writer clearly articulated her relationship with the veterinarian throughout the writing. There were continuous examples of the important role of the veterinarian and the impact the veterinarian had on the relationship of the writer and her cat as well as the outcome of care.”

As a former veterinary hospital manager, this award is very special to me because it not only celebrates the human-animal bond, but also  recognizes that the relationship with a pet’s veterinarian is a key component of the human-animal bond.


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