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I entered Buckley’s Story in Writer’s Digest’s Annual International Self-Published Book Awards last year.  I was just notified that even though the book didn’t win, it achieved an overall rating of 4.5 on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 meaning “poor” and 5 meaning “excellent”).  

Judge’s commentary:

“Ingrid made me love little Buckley (and Amber, of course).  Ingrid has writing talent, and I hope she’ll pursue a new career in that field.  I was impressed with her observation that Amber quietly “held the space” for her and Buckley.  Just the idea of “holding the space” is profound; being able to observe Amber doing it is amazing.  I hope she’ll write another book about Reiki and massage for animals.  Her veterinary expertise added a lot to this story.  My husband recently took our sixteen-year-old cat, Grendel, on his one-way trip to the vet.  Before they left, I took Grendel into my bed and hugged, rubbed, and told him he was the best cat in the whole world…King’s story brought my kitty back and I cried when Buckley died.”

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