Phone Consultations are available
on the following topics:

Pet Health – Lifestyle:  Diet, Environment and Exercise

We all want our pets to live long, healthy and happy lives.  Three key components to this are diet, environment, and exercise.  During our consultation I will

  • Review your pet’s current diet.  I will make suggestions on how to improve it, and recommend supplements, if indicated.
  • Review your pet’s current environment to ensure that it’s free from toxins and common psychological stressors.
  • Discuss your pet’s exercise routine, and offer suggestions to improve it, if needed.

 Pet Health  – Sick Pet

Was your pet diagnosed with a serious or chronic illnes by your veterinarian, and you’re feeling overwhelmed?  Do you have a difficult time sorting through treatment options?  Are you unsure whether you can follow through on your veterinarian’s treatment plan (injections, medication, subcutaneous fluids)?  During our consultation, I can help you

  • Review your pet’s diagnosis and treatment plan and offer support for implementing your veterinarian’s suggestions.
  • Offer suggestions and tools for caring for a sick pet, both physically/logistically and emotionally.
  • Provide resources for your pet’s specific health condition, including what alternative treatments may be available for your pet’s condition.

Pet Loss

As pet parents, it is inevitable that at some point, we will be facing the loss of our beloved friend.  Sadly, our pets don’t live nearly as long as we would like them to.  Sometimes, it helps knowing that you’re not alone in dealing with this difficult situation.  In our consultation, I can help you 

  • Determine whether it’s time to let your pet go.  Euthanasia is never a simple decision, and it’s different for each individual pet and person.  I can help you sort through the emotions and the facts surrounding this difficult issue.
  • Talk through available options for what to do with your pet’s body, and help you find the one that is the best solution for you and your family.
  • Help you navigate through your grief.  Sometimes, being able to talk to someone who has experienced this devastating loss can be very helpful.

Consultation fees:

15 minutes – $30
30 minutes – $50
60 minutes – $90

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Consultations are not a substitute for veterinary care.  Suggestions for diet changes and supplements should be discussed with your pet’s veterinarian.