I can’t believe that Saturday marked two years since I had let Ruby go. This time of year, even two years later, the grief still feels pretty fresh. Losing a cat is always hard, but it can be especially difficult when it happens during the holidays. Buckley died the day after Thanksgiving in 2008, and  Thanksgiving has always been bittersweet since then.

Memories help. Ruby loved Christmas, so I thought I’d share some of my Ruby Christmas memories with you today.


Every Christmas Eve, I gave the girls a little taste of (non-alcoholic) eggnogg. Of course, that meant that the rest of the holiday season, I had to fight them off whenever I had a glass!


This photo is from Ruby’s first Christmas. I love the expression on her little face. “Are all of these for me, Mom?”


She was always a big help when it came to wrapping presents.


This is one of my favorite Christmas photos of the girls together. And in case you’re wondering, neither of them ever showed any interest in the tree beyond occasionally batting at some of the ornaments close to the dining cabinet.

Of course the girls got showered with gifts every Christmas. Most years, the wrapping was far more interesting than what was in the packages, but one year, I struck gold. They both loved the Cat’s Meow toy*. They played with it for a long time after it came out of the box, and for hours and hours in the days and weeks that followed. The video quality is poor since I didn’t have a great camera back then, but it still warms my heart.

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22 Comments on Remembering Ruby at Christmas Time

  1. Oh, yes, we can’t forget our Ruby and the Christmas tree; that reminds cat lovers everywhere of their own ‘now passed on babies’. Remember everyone, but don’t cry too much and forget to prepare for this Christmas of 2021. Sometimes memories take us too far back and we don’t feel like coming back to the present.

  2. Beautiful Ruby. Sure miss seeing her. I am having a hard time with losing Tubby and Mitzi. Christmas will not be the same this year.

  3. The feline love of my life, Boo, lived with me for 13 years. He started life feral and I spent a year making friends with him so that he could feel comfortable coming into the kitchen to eat when the weather got cold and wet. From the kitchen he ran around the house checking it out, then coming back to the kitchen where he got comfortable enough to sleep on the makeshift bed of a folded beach towel. You guessed it, he gradually moved in. He always had to have a way to go out, and I promised him I would never lock him in, so I had to put a catflap door for him in the kitchen door. …I always felt he was a very special friend. He had asthma and the only way we could control it was with daily oral prednisone. He developed congestive heart failure, but he made it to 15-16 years old and died on my (our) bed the week end after Thanksgiving. I was grateful to be able to be with him, but sorry the vet wasn’t available to give me anything to ease his last hours. Thanksgiving will always be colored with memories of Boo.

  4. Such a beautiful girl Ruby was. When I read one of your posts about her, I always end up crying. I can’t imagine being without my precious Tortie, Sophie. She napped on my lap this afternoon and she will cuddle by my side in bed tonight. Her nearness brings me such peace. Blessings to you, Ingrid. Hold Ruby close to your heart.

  5. These are such beautiful memories. All of your cats won the “kitty lottery” when they found their forever home with you. Sharing heart and tears with you. Christmas–make that all holidays, in my opinion–can be so bittersweet. Hugs to you and Allegra

    P.S. I just ordered the Cat’s Meow toy. It looks like great fun!

  6. Beautiful memories of a beautiful girl. I know how you feel, Ingrid. I lost my cats; momma back in May, and just two days after my birthday this month, my Hudson followed his mother. Both unexpected and rather sudden. I’m left with the two remaining littermates, a boy and a girl, both just twelve plus years. Thank you for posting these pics of Ruby.

  7. I lost my Juliette on Christmas day 4 years ago. You can only make the holiday better for yourself and Allegra by celebrating each other and remembering the good times of the past. Wishing you and Allegra a beautiful Christmas and Santa leaving a lot of toys for Allegra!

    Theresa & Tasha

  8. It is the memories that keep them part of our life. Even when they have left us. The pictures are wonderful too. Allegra & Ruby had the best Mom!

    You & Allegra have a Happy Holiday. Thank-you for sharing Ruby & Allegra with us.

    Grayson, Milo, Hamish & me

  9. Thank you for sharing your memories of Ruby. She was so lucky to have you as her special person, and she definitely knew that. She had a beautiful life with you and Allegra. May she rest in peace.

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