We’re still waiting for our first snow here in the Washington DC area. So far, with the exception of a couple of very cold days earlier this month, our  winter has been very mild. And while the occasional 60 degree day in January is nice, I find myself longing for snow.

I miss real winters like the ones I remember from my childhood. I remember playing in the snow or going sledding for days on end, and then coming back inside to enjoy the hot chocolate my mom had ready for me.

In the almost 40 years I’ve lived in this area, we’ve had some pretty crazy winters, most recently in 2010 when we had back to back storms adding up to more than 30 inches. For this area, that’s a lot of snow. And while I don’t really want to see a repeat of that again, I really would like a little snow, even just a dusting, to experience the magic the quote above talks about at least once this winter.

Do you like snow? Have you had any snow this winter, and if not, do you miss it?

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18 Comments on Sunday Quotes: First Snow

  1. I grew up in Midwest so I didn’t mind snow and knew how to deal with it. As my kids got older, I realized that I wasn’t gonna have them around to shovel it. Got laid off from job and looked for a job in Southwest where I had been stationed. Moved shortly afterwards and haven’t looked back in +20 yrs. If I want to see snow, I’ll turn on Weather Channel, look out my window and see the snow on mountains, or drive 1.5 hrs to the closest ski resort.

  2. I used to make cross country ski trails in my back yard and the cats would use them.
    Sometimes if the snow was really high, one would just see a tail moving

  3. Now that I am not working, it can snow away. I had a job as a nurse that the clinic would not close even though they declared state of emergency in the state. Having to drive in it is no fun. I can just hunker down now and watch it out the window.

  4. I love snow and winter! Winter to me is a season to pause, rest and restore. Yes, we’ve had an unusually great amount of snow here! But, it melts away quickly and amazingly. I love everything about it. One of my absolute favorite books in the world is a children’s book called, “Names for Snow” by Judi Beach. If you live where it snows, you will know that there are many different textures and nuances. The book gives the unique types of snow beautiful names. It’s a book for Snow lovers and those who appreciate languages.

  5. I have always found snow to be revitalizing! My favorite part is walking outside when there are a few inches of snow on the ground and listening to the “Profound” silence, as if everything is asleep, awaiting the awakening of a new chapter in life. It is amazing, just standing in that silence… There is NO desire for any sound to intrude. It is a moment that you want to last for a long time and you and every living thing pauses to experience it.

  6. My mother’s legacy to me and my sister is the first snow fall. During the many years since mom’s passing. first my sister, and now, since her death, my godchild and a niece notify me of the arrival of my ethereal inheritance. Although I do not miss living in the cold, I do cherish the childhood memories of the snowfall, especially the first snowfall, made so magical by my mother.

      • Yes, it was unusual. Usually when it snows, it’s gone the next day. I was thankful my husband was working for someone who let his guys take off work and still paid them. Where he works now, he doesn’t get any kind of benefits, not even paid holidays or vacations.

  7. I used to love snow until I started managing a colony of community cats about a 15 minute drive from home. Bad weather stresses me out worrying I might not get to them.

    • Same here! The snow and cold temperatures can be crazy in the Boston area and all I can think of are the community cats. So many of them don’t make it through the freezing temperatures and get buried with snow in their hide outs so they can’t make it to their food sources (if they have any). So snow is magical if it’s not more than an inch and gone quickly.

  8. In California we are celebrating rain! 30 years ago (+/-) we had about an inch of snow in the SanFernando Valley and we were admiring it at 2:00am in our bathrobes after our neighbors called and said “Go look outside.” It was fun! I grew up in Nebraska and Colorado and I do miss the change of seasons. Snowy days were the best days for creating art, writing poems and stories or reading Nancy Drew mysteries.

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