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It’s been a while since Mom has let me write something on here, so I thought it was time that I shared my thoughts on life and other things again, in case you’re getting bored with Mom’s writing.

So there’s this woman in England who actually did a study on cats’ purrs.  The conclusion of the study was that cats learn to vocalize a particular sound to train their humans.  They needed to do a study for this?  Puleeze!  Cats all over the world are laughing.  For those of you who really need to see the details of the study to grasp this universal feline truth, here’s the link.

One very interesting aspect of the study was that what the researchers called “solicitation purring” got better results than a loud meow, for example to make the human get up in the morning to feed the cat.  I have to respectfully disagree with this finding.  I sit by my mom’s head and gently purr in the morning to make her get up and feed me.  I’m so thoughtful and patient, and it still takes her forever to actually get up.  My sister Buckley, on the other hand, used to meow at the top of her lungs and walk all over Mom in the mornings, and boy, did that work – there was no more sleeping once Buckley got to work.  I miss my sister (and not just because breakfast came earlier when she was still with us).

I hope everyone is having a good summer.  I love summer – the sunny spots stick around longer and are more frequent in my house.  I’m an air-conditioned kitty and I like it that way.  I spent the first two years of my life outside, and I can’t say I miss the hot and humid summer days and trying to find a cool place to hang out in during the day, not to mention always having to worry about finding enough to eat.  Mom may be a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to feeding me breakfast on time, but I always know that eventually, it’s going to end up in my dish.  For those of you who do go outside in the summer, Mom posted a great article about hot weather tips for pets a little while back.

And speaking of my life – I have a birthday coming up!  Well, it’s not really my birthday, but July 29 is the day Mom brought me home, so we celebrate that as my birthday.  Mom always buys me a cool present.  So to help her out, I’ve marked some items in our Conscious Cat Store for my Wish List.  If you’re a kitty with fabulous taste, make sure you check out the store – you’ll really help your human with gift shopping if you drop little hints about what you want every once in a while.  And remember to use that “solicitation purring!”

3 Comments on Amber’s Mewsings: On Purring

  1. Hi Amber and Ingrid-I admit that I prefer the ‘purr technique’ over some of the more potentially aggressive means of being roused from a night’s sleep. It’s nice to be gently awakened in the early morning hours (before the sun comes up) rather than having to administer first aid to my punctured and scratched skin. I suppose the study does have merit. As for you, Eva: Please stop using my email address-and I’ve told you time and time again that you may not use the computer-especially to get onto the Internet. Oh-and by the way, I canceled the $500 toy and bed order you placed…as well as the ‘Mouse of the Month’ club membership.

  2. Hi Eva, you sound like a really smart cat. I’m sure you have a birthday – ask your mom and if she doesn’t give you a straight answer, you know what to do. You might as well start making your list now.

  3. Hi Amber, I agree with you. A nice, polite purr just doesn’t do the trick in the morning. It takes a whole lot more like stomping, digging, and maybe a wayward claw or two (accidental, of course). We both know what it’s like out there in the wild world, and getting our breakfast on time is serious business. I hope you get what you want for your birthday. I wonder if I have a birthday…hmm, maybe I ought to start making a list.

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