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It’s about time Mom lets me write here again!  I have much to say, and all of it is important!  Maybe I should have my own blog – my friend Eva just got a blog of her own, you should check it out at Conversations with Eva.  Cool name for her site, huh?  Somebody sure gets that for us cats, it’s always about us.  Make sure you read The Beginning, the story of how Eva found her forever home.

Meanwhile, things are great here.  Mom was gone most of the weekend, she was at something called a cat show.  From what I understand, some people take their cats to these big places and they have to be really patient and well-behaved and they get shown and judged in something called a ring, and they win prizes.  Interesting concept.  Not something that appeals to me – I already know I’m Number One.  But Mom was really happy when she came home from that cat show place each evening, apparently lots of people are really excited about Buckley’s Story coming out soon, and when Mom is happy, I’m happy.  She also brought me a new catnip toy each day from a place called Mouse Factory.  Strange name, if you ask me, because none of the toys she brought home looked even remotely like a mouse, but wooeee, they are filled with heavy duty catnip!  I could smell that she had catnip with her the minute she walked in the door.  I immediately went to her bag and sat and stared at it until she took the toy out and gave it to me, then I proceeded to thoroughly lick it and cover it in drool.  Then I had to take a nap to sleep off my catnip high.  This was primo stuff, people.

Mom has been busy writing and getting everything ready for her book launch, and I like that she’s been home a lot.  Even though I may sleep in another room while she’s working, I still like knowing that she’s home with me.  This is so much better than when she was gone more than ten hours each day.

That’s it for today.  Remember – it IS all about you!

3 Comments on Amber’s Mewsings: Mom Goes to a Cat Show

  1. Hi Eva – sorry I’m so late responding to your comment – Mom was hogging the computer. I’m telling you! Not only do I think I need my own blog, I think I need my own computer, too.

    Nice to meet you, Lulu. Isn’t having it the best, having our moms work at home? Your catnip banana sounds great.

    Your friend,

  2. Hi Amber – I am so happy you are saying it is all about US, as that’s my attitude — or cattitude!! – too! My mom works from home, and I like to sit right outside her office while she works. Sometimes I snooze, sometimes I offer my opinions on what she’s working on…it is a purrfect situation! I got a catnip banana recently. I guess that must be why humans eat bananas. I look fwd to reading more posts from you!
    Your friend, Lulu

  3. Hello to my special friend, Amber! I’ve discovered recently that humans think that the oddest things are ‘mice’. They must be easily confused. I’m glad you got to write again. It helps to have someone out there who can explain things in a very simple way. Oh-and I think every cat should have their own blog. I got some catnip toys this weekend too, but they don’t jingle. What’s up with that?! Oops, you know who is coming back from lunch now-gotta run. And you’re right-it’s all about meeeee! I mean, US!

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