Amber's Sunday afternoon

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was excellent!  Mom had told me a couple of days ago that her friend Fern was going to come over on Sunday.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I love it when Mom’s friends come to visit, because they usually fuss over me and comment on how beautiful I am.  But Fern – well, she may be a really nice person, but she has one major flaw that I just can’t get past.  She is a cat doctor.  And she is my cat doctor.  Mom says she’s a great vet, and I believe Mom.  She was really really wonderful with my sister Buckley, because she really got Buckley.  She understood that, given a choice, Buckley would just as soon not have anyone poke and prod her.  Mom always knew that about Buckley, and it really helped Mom deal with Buckley’s illness to have a vet who respected not only Buckley’s wishes, but also my Mom’s.  You can read more about Fern and how she helped us during Buckley’s illness in Mom’s book.

But, I digress.  So, Mom, being the good cat parent that she is, knows how important it is that I have regular check ups.  And Mom, being the terrific Mom that she is, also knows how much I hate being in my carrier, and even worse, in the car, so she asks Fern to come to the house to do my check up.  It still means that Fern is going to examine me (what an innocent little word for being poked, prodded, and otherwise touched in ways that are so not acceptable!), and she’s going to stick needles in me to get blood and other bodily fluids that shall remain nameless, but at least it saves me the stress of having to leave my house.  But – as luck would have it, Fern couldn’t make it yesterday.  Gee – what a disappointment.  Not!  The cool thing is that this is the second time that something came up and Fern couldn’t make it.  What Mom doesn’t know is that I made this happen.  Twice.  I’m surprised she hasn’t caught on to me.  Mom totally gets that our thoughts create our reality.  Of course, cats have always known this. And clearly, we’re masters at living this.  I’ve been picturing a quiet, relaxing Sunday all week – and that’s exactly what I got!  It really can be that  simple, humans.  Now mind you, I could have focused my attention on thinking about not wanting Fern to come – and then, I can guarantee you, she would have shown up here yesterday morning.  Why?  Because the universe doesn’t know the meaning of the word no.  What you think about is what you get.  It doesn’t matter whether you think about wanting it or not wanting it.  So rather than letting any thoughts of Fern into my energy field, I focused on having the kind of Sunday I love:  me snoozing in the sunny spot on the rocking chair in our living room while Mom sits on the loveseat reading.   Life doesn’t get any better than this.

As for my check up – I know it’ll have to happen sooner or later.  But rather than wasting my time worrying about it, I’d rather focus on finding a sunny spot to take my next nap in.


6 Comments on Amber’s Mewsings: Amber’s Check Up Gets Postponed

  1. What a treat to have a vet who makes house calls. I used to have a vet who converted a RV into a mobile clinic. It was so convenient to have house calls with the added bonus of on site treatments, i.e.teeth cleaning with no over night stays. Sadly he retired and no one took over his practice.

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment, Cindy! Amber says thank you for the compliment and the attempt at making her feel better about her check up. She still can’t quite see it that way, but she says she’s working on it.

  3. Hi, beautifulbeautiful girl! (look at your picture!…be still, my heart!) I’m glad you got to have the Sunday that YOU wanted, and it sounded like a purrfect one, too! There’s nothing that makes me any happier than to have my calico Mandy nearby while mommie (me!) is reading. What’s even more beautiful is when Mandy lays in the warm sunshine, with the sun shining on her beautiful ‘Joseph’s-coat-of-many-colors’! Oh, this warms mommie’s heart so! I’ll bet YOUR mommie feels the same way, too, when you’re relaxing together.

    Try not to stress, Amberhonnie, about Fern’s next vist…she (your mommie, too) is just performing some preventive maintenance, so you can live the longest, healthiest, and happiest life possible. Your mommie loves you so, and she wants you in HER life for as much time possible. If it makes you feel any better – even us people don’t like our doctor visits, either…we get poked and prodded, too, just like you. It’s hard on your dignity – I know!

    BIGGG hug, baby girl, and a sweet kiss on your furry cheek!


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