I know you’re all waiting for an update from my big sister Amber on how things are going with the two of us, but Amber is feeling a little under the weather, so my new mom said I could write on this computer.  Weeee – I’m a blogging kitten!  Fun!

My new mom said she introduced me to you in her blog New Family Member.  I’ve been here exactly one month now!  Kittens can’t really tell time, but my new mom said it’s been a month, and since she’s my  mom, I believe her.  I’m just a kitten, I don’t know things like time.

I really like it here.  At first, I wasn’t sure about anything.  My new mom seemed nice enough, but I really didn’t know her, although her energy felt very special – I did notice that from the first moment I met her.  My new big sister Amber didn’t seem too thrilled to have me come live there.  If I so much as I got within a few feet of her, she’d hiss and growl at me.  All I want to do is play – I don’t mean to harass her!  Okay, well, maybe a little….  I heard my new mom say to someone that she’d forgotten about kitten energy.  I guess that means she didn’t remember how playful, energetic, and, okay, crazy, us kittens can get.  Sometimes I just feel so much joy, I have to race through the entire house, tear around corners, jump up and down furniture, and just generally go nuts – it’s the only way I can think of to express this much joy!  I think Amber at least tolerates me now.  We do hang out in the same room together and take our naps together, but on different pieces of furniture.

There are so many things I like about my new home.  One of the best things is that there are lots of windows!  Before I came here, I lived in a cage at an animal hospital.  They were all really nice to me there, but the only way I could look out a window is if I leaned very far toward the front corner of my cage, and even then, I could only catch a glimpse of daylight, but not really see what was going on outside.  Here, I can look out of any given window and see trees.  Trees are fun, especially when the leaves are moving in the wind!  I want to chase them!  I know I could catch them!  I’m fast!  And there’s also birds, and squirrels.  Boy, I’d love to catch me a squirrel – how much fun would that be!

But there are lots of fun things for a kitten like me inside, too.  I have never seen so many toys!  They’re everywhere!  And my new mom is really fun to play with.   She tosses mousies for me to chase, and laughs when I fly across the room after them.  Weeee!  I love making my new mom laugh!  And there are so many other things to play with, but my new mom says they aren’t toys, and sometimes she takes them away from me.  Like the time I pried off the wooden screw on the stairwell.  I worked really hard at it to get it loose, and it made such a cool noise when I batted it around!  But my new mom said I couldn’t keep it to play with and took it away.  Not to worry.  I found another one and pried that loose, too.  Same thing – she took it away.  Oh well.  It’s not like I don’t have plenty of other things to play with.

My new mom is really great.  Even though there are times when she tells me I can’t do something (like when I pounce on my big sister, or go after what my new mom calls people food, or when I bite her hands when she plays with me), mostly, I can tell that she really loves me.  I love being part of a family.  I just wish my big sister would like me more.  I try so hard to make her like me.  I do all kinds of cute kitten things:  I pounce on her if she’s walking by me.  I creep up behind her so she can’t see me coming and then I jump out and startle her.  I particularly like to run after her when she’s going to the litter box and I don’t understand why my new mom gets so upset with me when I do that.  I just want to play and I want Amber to like me.

Earlier this week, though, we had a really special moment, and it felt really nice.  Amber was sitting by the screen door enjoying the spring breeze wafting in and feeling the sun on her fur.  I could sense that she wasn’t feeling well, so I exercised great restraint and just approached her very very slowly.  (I also didn’t want to get hissed at yet again!).  She gave me that look she usually gives me when I annoy her, and I froze.  But there was no hissing this time, so I got brave.  I slowly continued to inch closer, until I was right next to her, and for a while, we both looked out the window together.  It was really nice.  I just wish she’d understand that it’s really hard for me to be that quiet, and that I’d much rather she loosen up a bit and play with me!

Anyway – that’s my world.  My new mom, my big sister Amber, and my new home.  I am one happy kitten.

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  2. Allegra,

    You are going to be just fine. Your sister Amber is just a bit jealous. But she loves you very much!


  3. Allegra is quite thrilled with all your comments – she’s been prancing around the house all day telling me that she’s now an internet celebrity 🙂

    Thanks for the good wishes for Amber. I’m sure the furry hug and kiss from Domino will go a long way in making her feel better, Layla.

  4. Welcome, Allegra! You are such a lucky kitten to be adopted by your mom–you have no idea! Try to be kind to Amber while she’s not feeling well, though.

    I was that kitten in this household many, many years ago, pulling tails and running underneath the other kitties’ bellies in my joy to have a home. I was kind of roly poly so some of the older kitties played soccer with me, which I thought was fun until I saw their expressions. Once the next foster kitten came along I realized what I had done to my elders, but I wouldn’t have changed a moment of that first year or two. I look forward to hearing your adventures and remembering those wonderful days of youth!~Cookie

  5. Glad to see Allegra following in Amber’s journalistic footsteps but not glad to hear Amber is under the weather. Domino sends a big furry hug and kiss.

  6. Welcome to the world of blogging Allegra! It sounds like you are having so much fun in your furrever home. Just make sure not to play with those screws in the stairs – you don’t want the stairs coming apart! And hang in there with Amber, she will come around once she feels better. That photo of the two of you is nice, and perhaps you are giving her some good energy to get well too!

  7. That is a lovely picture of you with Amber, Allegra. Poor Amber, we sure hope she is feeling better soon.
    Glad you like yorr new home so well Allegra. We agree you have a wonderful Mom and we are thrilled that you are bringing her so much joy.
    All of you have a great week end.

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