It’s about time I get to write something again!  Life has been very good here.  Remember that lap thing I told you about last time?  I did it again one more time, and I really liked it again that time.  I know it made Mom happy.  I like making Mom happy.  I know it also makes her happy that I started sleeping snuggled up very close against her at night.  I’m guessing she thinks it’s because I just want to be close to her, and I do, but honestly, it’s also because it’s been kind of cold at night, and Mom makes a really nice heater!

I’m getting smarter every day, if I do say so myself.  That’s because I’m not a a kitten anymore, I’m all grown up now!  A couple of weeks ago, I learned something really cool:  I figured out how to open the kitchen cabinet under the sink.  I managed to stick my paw in, and make it open a little ways before it banged shut again.  It made a very interesting noise.  I especially like doing this when I get bored with sleeping with Mom in the middle of the night, or really really early in the morning.  It’s so fun!

And then, the other day, I figured out something even cooler!  Mom was off on what she calls errands – I have no idea what that means, all I know is that when she does it, she leaves the house.  I managed to get one of the cabinets all the way open, and I climbed inside.  There wasn’t much that looked interesting in there, though, but I liked the feeling of being in a cave, so I decided to take a nap in there.  I really liked it in there!

I heard Mom come home, and I heard her call my name, but I was so comfy in my little cave, I decided to stay in there a bit longer.  Mom kept calling my name, and her voice got louder and louder, and started to sound a little bit funny, kind of shaky and not like anything I’ve ever heard from her.  I figured the best thing to do was keep a low profile and just stay in my cave.  Eventually, Mom stopped hollering, and finally she opened the cabinet door.  I smiled at her – she found me!  My Mom is smart, too!  I got up and walked out of the cabinet, only to be swooped up by Mom and nearly being squished to death!  She was crying and saying things like “oh my goodness, kitten, I thought I had lost you!”  What???  Lost?  I knew I wasn’t lost.  I knew exactly where I was!  Humans are so silly.

Mom says I took twenty years off her life that morning.  And ever since then, I haven’t been able to get into the cabinets.  Drats.  I liked my little cave.  And I’ll tell you something Mom doesn’t know, so don’t tell her:  I had been inside that cabinet before…

Today, some strange things are happening here.  Mom brought a big black box into the bedroom, and she’s putting some of her clothes in it.  I don’t understand why, usually, she just wears the clothes, or else, they hang in the closet, which, by the way, is another place I like to explore that Mom doesn’t like me to be in.  Anyway, this putting clothes in the box thing is a bit puzzling.  But the big box looks like it might make a good napping spot, especially with all the clothes in there.  I think I’ll give it a try.

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  1. That’s just like my Spicy!
    Once while I was working third shift, and my husband was working first shift, Spicy snuck out the door when he came in. He didn’t notice until hours later he heard her yowling outside!
    Fortunately this happened during the summer but she never tried to sneak out again!
    She would walk outside only if I was sitting on the deck but I had to have the door opened so she could get back in!

  2. I won’t be reading this to Pipers. She might get some ideas. At 12 years old she still acts like a kitten. She still can find hiding places. I think she likes to add to my gray hair even though I have plenty!

    I just love your posts Allegra and hope you do many more! Have a wonderful weekend with Mom & Ruby. Hope you are not snowed in.

  3. LOL!
    I am just getting around to reading these posts and I love them. They remind me so much of the adventures I went through with my now 9yr old tortie (who still acts as silly now as she did when she was a year old!)

    This story reminds me of the day I heard Mittens’ “mommy? Help me!? ” meow. Every time I called to her, she called back, sounding more and more desperate. I looked in all her usual spots, thinking she just couldn’t reach a spider again (she uses the same tone of voice when she cant reach a bug or toy she wants). But there was no sign of her anywhere. Finally, I thought to look into my pot and pan cabinet, and out popped my cat. I hadn’t seen her sneak in there when I was putting away dishes and ended up closing her in. She still tries to climb into my cabinets when I leave them open too long. Now I do a cat check before closing them.

  4. Ingrid I am laughing as I am reading this-I have to see the children before I leave the house so I know where they are and as soon as I come home. How many episodes have I had of calling out their names and starting to panic-to find them in a closet.

    One time I made my neighbor-sit on the curb to watch the cars on the street as I tried to locate Penelope.

    Twenty years-try 50.

    Silly Allegra.–She is being a kitty.

  5. Marg, I think Allegra is a very happy llittle girl.

    Caren/Cody – I think we’ll pass on learning how to open closet doors… 🙂

    Layla, since this is the first time I’ve left Allegra, I’m not getting the dirty looks. I’m sure I will when my next trip rolls around.

    Mason, she is growing up fast for sure. She completely lost her kittenish looks (although she still acts like a kitten, thank goodness).

  6. Oh Allegra, you’re growing up so fast. Sounds like you’ve found some interesting places to play and hide. But, I can understand the concern you cause when you can’t be found. Little One likes to find new places to ‘hide’ from time to time too.

    Thoughts in Progress

  7. It’s always nice to see updated photos of Allegra and her antics. She’s looking lovely with that young adult tortitude. The black box makes an excellent cave until it and the hooman disappears. Over the years, every time I’d take out luggage Coco and Merlin would cover me in dirty looks, “You’re leaving, again? How could you!”

  8. Hi Allegra!
    Now that you have mastered the art of opening a cupboard….let me come over and show you how to “work” the sliding closet doors open!
    That is one of my favorite tricks!
    Hmmmm…what is going on with the black box?

    Love, Cody

  9. Oh Allegra, you did give your Mom a heart attack that day that you were in the cabinet. It does sound like a great place for a snooze.
    It sounds like you are a very happy kitty and that is so good. Take care Allegra and take good care of your Mom.

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