Allegra waking from her morning nap

I’m learning lots of interesting things about this thing Mom calls weather! The last time I wrote on here, I told you about all that white stuff that was falling from the sky, and how I didn’t like it at all. I also don’t like days when my sunny spots don’t appear (and I still don’t get why Mom can’t just make them appear, she can do so many other amazing things!). But last week, we had a really cool thing happen: sunny spots, and open windows! It was so warm, Mom left the windows open all day, and I could sit on my perches and sniff the breeze. It was so nice!

I could also tell that Mom was really happy when it got warm. Like mother, like daughter, I guess – she loves sunny spots, and she doesn’t like the white stuff, either. She said the white stuff is called snow, but I’ve heard her use some other words when she talks about it that she says aren’t fit to mention here on my blog. Oops, I mean Mom’s blog.

We got some more of the white stuff the other day – not a lot, but enough to make Mom mad because it messed up one of her book signings. It also messed with my kitten head again, because I’d already forgotten that it changes how everything looks when I look outside, and it scared me a little bit when I woke up and saw that things were white again outside.

Mom said soon it will be warm all the time, and we can have the windows open a lot. She says it’s called spring. I like spring – not just because it’s warm, but because it was spring a year ago when I came to live with Mom!

The other thing that happened since I last wrote was that Mom went away again. This time, I knew it wasn’t good when the black box came out. Yup, Mom left me again. She went to a Pet Writing Conference. I think she should have taken me with her. I am a pet writer, aren’t I? I’m a pet, and I write! At least this time, it was only for one night, and I had plenty of company; both Ronnie and Renee came to visit a couple of times, and, more importantly, to feed me! And this time, I knew that just because Mom went away, it didn’t mean it was going to be forever. I’m a big girl now, and I’m not as afraid of being abandoned as I was when I was little.

That’s all my news. Now I’m going to see if I can entice Mom to play with me and my current favorite toy, the Neko Flies. You can see me play with it here:


21 Comments on Allegra’s World: Waiting for Spring

  1. oh -i love allegra!
    i also hate leaving elizabeth..i miss her..and i know she doesn’t like me going,..but knows i will always return. still..
    when my bag comes out…that is IT.

  2. Allegra, you are such a beautiful girl!!!

    Where I’m from, my two Tortie girls don’t get to enjoy sun puddles very often… I’m pretty sure my kitten still hasn’t figured out what they are, but she sure likes the taste of that fresh snow her daddy tracks in on his boots. 😉

  3. Hi Allegra! I’m sorry Mom didn’t take you to the Pet Writing Conference! I would have loved to have met you 🙂 I’m glad to hear you were brave while she was gone.. That toy sure looks fun!

    • Maybe you can meet her at BlogPaws. On second thought – probably not 🙂 – I think even though she THINKS she’d like to come with me to these things, she’s much happier at home!

  4. Our kitties sure wish Spring would get here too. So far it’s still pretty cold and rainy on the Oregon coast, so no open windows and sunshine days yet.

  5. Oops, we heard that loud truck that kind of scared you Allegra while you were playing your new toy. Glad you got to get some good fresh air sniffs. There will be more soon. You are looking terrific Allegra. Take care.

  6. I’m with you… sun puddles are the best. No doubt about it. And, yes you should have gone to the pet conference. You’re the star aren’t you? MOL

    Have a great day…

    pawhugs, Max

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