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Mom has been kind of sad and upset a lot the last few days. I was really worried about her, she’s usually so calm and happy. I want her to be happy! I tried everything to make her smile! I couldn’t understand why she was so sad. Mom explained that something really bad happened in a place called Japan. She said lots of people and animals were hurt, and lots died, and lots more are still missing. When she explained it to me, I got sad, too. I asked Mom whether there was anything we could do to help, especially to help the animals there. Would they have food to eat? Who would pet them and play with them and hold them and love them if they were lost and scared?

Mom said she wrote about how people can help the animals, but I said want to help, too! I told Mom I’d only eat half of my breakfast and dinner, and we could send the rest to the lost and scared kitties in Japan! Mom said that was very generous of me, but that it doesn’t work that way. She said the best we can do right now, in addition to praying for everyone there, is to donate money to groups that are going there to help find the lost animals and reunite them with their families. Those poor animals! I can’t imagine being separated from Mom. They must be so scared!

Mom said it would be nice if I wrote one of my columns. She said it might cheer people up to read about something happy, since so much of what they read right now is bad news. I can do that! So here’s what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on my window perches in the sun since I last wrote, and it seems like it’s light out a lot longer than it used to be. I like it! Smart kitten that I am, I have now figured out exactly where the first sunny spot in the house shows up each day, and I follow the sunny spots around for much of the day. Well, that is when I’m not busy doing other things. And there’s always something to do – I’m a very busy kitten!

When I’m not writing here, I keep an eye on the backyard, patrol the house to make sure all my toys are still in the right places (and if they’re not, I make sure to move them around), and help Mom work. I also like to look out our front windows and watch people walk their dogs. I kind of pity the dogs – they all walk on these long rope-like things that are attached to their humans. It doesn’t look like much fun to me. I wonder whether they have to wear the ropes inside their houses, too? I couldn’t imagine that. like running all through the house, free like the wind! Wee!!!

Do you know that I have the coolest Mom ever? The other day, she created a new game for me! She got the idea from one of her colleages over on whose dog played the game, and Mom thought I might enjoy it, too. She says it’s called The Muffin Tin Game. Huh?

Anyway, she dug around in the kitchen cabinets and pulled out something from way far in the back that looked like a metal square with a bunch of holes in it. Mom said it’s called a muffin tin, and it’s used for baking. I wouldn’t know what baking is, I sure haven’t ever seen Mom do it! Next thing I hear is the treat bag coming out of the fridge. Hmmm… this was getting interesting. But Mom didn’t give me any treats – what was up with that? Instead, she put them in the holes of the muffin tin. Then she took a bunch of my toys out of the toy  basked and covered the treats. What – did she think I wasn’t going to find them???

When she put the whole thing on the floor, I immediately went to check it out, and got to work. Unlike Archer the dog, who managed to empty the whole muffin tin in less than 30 seconds, I took my time. I planned my strategy. I deliberated. I did not act until I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I don’t have to tell you that we cats are way smarter than dogs!

You can watch me play the game here:


And yes, I did get that last one out! I just had to take a nice long bath before I tackled it. What’s the hurry? I guess Mom got bored watching me, because she stopped filming.

And now you’ll have to excuse me, I need to practice my acceptance speech for the Acatemy Awards.

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  1. Allegra looks like she’s having so much fun! I have added a link to this post at the bottom of my latest Kitten Toy Roundup, featuring Tristan, the Orphaned Kitten.

    This will also let people find the link to help pets in Japan.


    • Thanks, Pammy! I’m sure you, especially, can probably appreciate the vast difference between her catlike, strategic approach and Archer’s “just get it done” dog way. If you decide to try the Muffin Tin Game with Tristan, I’d love to hear how he did with it!

  2. We hear you, Allegra…Teri has been acting different too, watching TV and saying Oh no, and visting lots of blogs to get updates and we told her to donate some our our catnip fund to those poor scared animals of all kinds in Japan…You are a very serious player, kind of remind Teri of strategy in chess—which she knows nothing about, hahameow. We have a pretty fun toy that Teri stuffs toys in and we have to dig in to pull them out, think it’s called a Peek-a-Prize.

  3. Allegra, you are a ray of sunshine to your mom, and don’t worry about dogs and leashes. They don’t wear the indoors and my kitty Odin loves going for walks with his harness and leash. Of course he’d prefer to be a free agent outdoors but its too dangerous.

  4. What a lovely, cheerful post you wrote, Allegra! You are such a sweet and smart girl! It’s so great from you to cheer your Mom up and to think about the poor animals in Japan! You are such a sweet duo, you and your Mom!!! And you are the smartest kitty! My Zoe loves following the sunny spots in the house too :)! Have fun with your beautiful toys, your Mom loves you so much!

  5. Good girl Allegra for getting those treats out. We don’t think it took you long at all. You figured out pretty easy. You look so dark in that video, almost black.
    Glad to hear that you are so busy. It is fun to follow the sun puddles around. Take care and have a fun day.

    • Marg, the fact that Allegra looks almost black in the video is probably more due to the lack of skill on the part of the videographer than Allegra’s coloring 🙂

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