Allegra with Q-tip

When I last wrote on here, I told you about this cool game called The Muffin Tin Game that Mom played with me. But that’s not the only game Mom and I play together. We play all the time! I love it when Mom plays with me!

I have so many toys, I sometimes don’t know what to play with. How lucky am I! But I also like playing with things that aren’t really toys. Sometimes, Mom doesn’t seem to like when I play with those things. I don’t understand why I can’t bat the crystals she has in her office around on the floor. They’re so pretty and they sparkle in the sun!  Pretty irresistable for a kitten like me if you ask me. Another thing she doesn’t like is when I sit in front of the computer screen and bat at the little thing that moves around on the screen. Mom says it’s called a cursor, and she says she can’t work when I sit in front of her like that. Um, duh! That’s kind of the point! Mom said the thing she uses to make the cursor thing move is called a mouse, but it sure doesn’t look like any mouse I’ve every seen.

There are plenty of games Mom approves of, though, and I love all of them. I like it best when Mom plays with me. One of our games we play is with a peacock feather. Mom waves it at me and I bat at it and try to take it from her. I can play that for a long time. Great fun – wee!!!

My current favorite is the Q-tip game. I discovered Q-tips when I first came here. At the time, Mom had them sitting on the bathroom counter in a pretty glass jar, and I would just help myself. You can watch me play with them in the video below. But then one day, I knocked the whole jar off the counter when I was trying to get them out of it, and it broke. Mom wasn’t very happy with me. Now she keeps them inside the bathroom cabinet and rations them out to me. At first I didn’t like that at all, but then I realized that it actually was more fun, because now Mom plays with me when she gives them to me. Mom tosses two or three Q-tips and I don’t know which one to chase first! I run and dart all over the place trying to catch them. When I get them, I bat them around some more for good measure. So fun! Wee!!!

What kinds of games do your kitties like to play?

Allegra the Q-tip Thief


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  1. Allegra you are having some fun time with that q-tip. I found mama’s watch and knocked it off the bathroom counter and was swatting it around. she was still sleeping so she ignored me thinking I was knocking something else around-she was not too pleased when she found it it was her watch.

  2. Allegra, you clever girl! My three kitties love peacock feathers too and their crunch! Odin plays fetch, bats objects off tables, steals and carries objects to other rooms like toothbrushes and jewelry because everything is a toy.

  3. Oh Allegra, I loved your video! You seem to have loads of fun with your new favorite game! Maybe Zoe would like that too? I’ll give it a try! 🙂 She has just turned 8 but she’s still very playful, and exactly like you, Allegra, she loves it when her mom plays with her! After a long time I have tried again with a soft and light ball, and she loves it and jumps and runs like a kitten! That’s her favorite game right now.
    Have a great weekend, Allegra! And your Mom too!

  4. Oh Allegra, that does look like fun. We might have to try that. We are looking for things that Little Bit, the new cat with the bad hind legs to chew on. She has been chewing on her feather toys and we don’t want her to get sick. She loves to chew things up and we have never had a chat to chew before. I guess she does it because she spent so much time in a cage.
    Love the video Allegra. Take care.

    • I saw your post about Little Bit’s chewing over on your blog, just haven’t had a chance to respond. As you know from following Allegra’s story, she had a bit of a chewing problem when she first came to me.

      Petstages makes these dental chew toys for cats, you can get them pretty much at any pet store (Petsmart, Petco, etc.): They never quite worked for Allegra, but maybe Little Bit would like them. They’re very inexpensive.

      You can also try some of the dog chew toys that are made for smaller dogs (and sweeten the deal by rubbing a little tuna juice on them). Until she stops chewing up her feather toys, you may have to resort to some sturdier toys for her: plastic balls, mice, that sort of thing.

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