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Well! Do I have a lot to talk about today! There’s been some major excitement at our house. I know Mom couldn’t wait to tell you the news and she wrote about it yesterday. Yes, we have a new family member. And let me tell you, when Ruby first arrived here on Sunday morning, I was NOT thrilled, to put it mildly. Mom made me promise not to use swear words, so I’ll try to be good, but it’s not going to be easy!

Mom had been telling me for several days that I would get a new little sister. I didn’t really understand what that meant, I thought maybe she was buying me a new special toy. Then, on Friday, Mom put a second placemat on the floor in the kitchen across from mine. Hm. That was odd. Maybe Mom wanted me to have some variety in my dining experience? I could go for that! Oddly, food never appeared there, only a second water bowl. Since humans often do very strange things for no apparent reason, I didn’t give it much thought after taking a nice long drink from it.

When Mom set the cat carrier by the front door Sunday morning, I got a little worried. Surely she wasn’t taking me to the v-e-t? I was feeling just fine, so there really was no reason for that! When she picked up the empty carrier, I was starting to get a little suspicious. She told me that she would be back soon, and that she’d have my new little sister with her.

Ingrid with Ruby

She wasn’t kidding. I heard the little pipsqueak cry the minute Mom came in the house. At first, I was curious, and I immediately went to sniff the carrier after Mom set it on the floor. I’m a smart girl, so it didn’t take me long to figure out that this was not a new toy. There was another cat in the carrier! What was Mom thinking??? I hissed and growled – at the carrier, but even more, at Mom! I was mad! Why did she have to go and bring another cat into our house? I thought we were perfectly happy together, just the two of us!

Mom said my new little sister’s name was Ruby. Whatever! She let me sniff the carrier for a good long time, then she took it upstairs. Of course I followed. I watched from a distance as Mom opened the carrier door, and Ruby bounded right out. That little thing doesn’t have any manners at all! Didn’t she know that this was my house, and that she should have asked my permission before entering? As she started to explore the house, I watched from a wary distance. If she came within a few feet of me, I hissed at her. And what did the little stinker do? She growled right back at me! The nerve!

Mom kept a close eye on both of us, and kept reassuring me that it was going to be okay, that she loved me more than anything, and that I was going to learn to love Ruby. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I sure as heck wasn’t feeling the love right then!

I have to admit, though, as the day went on, staying mad at Mome was  getting a little old, and I even got tired of hissing at Ruby. By afternoon, I was exhausted, and the sunny loveseat was calling my name. It was time for a nap! I was so tired, I didn’t even care that Ruby stretched out for a nap of her own on the floor right below me.

When dinner time rolled around, I was starving. Being on guard all day is a lot of work! I inhaled my dinner and didn’t even pay attention to Ruby on the other side of the kitchen.

I was a little worried about bedtime. I love to sleep with Mom, I cuddle up against her back or her legs, and it’s the best feeling in the world. I was really hoping that Ruby the Intruder (ha! I crack myself up!) wasn’t going to mess that up for me. And this is why I love my Mom: I heard her explain to Ruby that it was time to go to bed, and that I was used to sleeping with Mom. She said Ruby would be welcome to join us, and that she hoped that eventually both of us would sleep in the bed with her, but that it might be a little too soon for me. She made sure that I was safely in bed, and left the bedroom door cracked open. She didn’t want Ruby to feel that she couldn’t come in if she wanted to. After all, it was Ruby’s first night in a strange new house. Much as I didn’t care about Ruby, I love that Mom was so concerned about her. That’s just how my Mom is!

Thankfully, Ruby didn’t come in the bedrom during the night. I fell into an exhausted sleep, feeling comforted and safe with Mom by my side. I know Mom didn’t get much sleep, she got up several times during the night and I heard her talk to Ruby in the living room, but I wasn’t going to budge from my safe and warm spot in Mom’s bed.

Ruby and Allegra

Monday morning, I woke up and thought maybe I had just dreamed the whole thing. Unfortunately, Ruby was still here. But I have to admit, she wasn’t quite as annoying as she was on Sunday. As the day went on, I hissed a little less, and mostly just watched her. By afternoon, we were hanging out on the loveseat together.

Yesterday, I relaxed even more. I still hissed and growled at her whenever she came too close for comfort, but it was getting kind of old. So a couple of times, when the little one came up real close to me, I decided not to hiss, and actually let her give me a nose tap. I also let her sit right next to me while Mom was brushing me. I love being brushed, and I wasn’t going to miss out on that just because Ruby has to have her nose in everything. Later in the day, I decided that maybe it was going to be fun to play with the little pipsqueak, and chased her without hissing at her. She chased me right back! This was actually kind of fun! We raced through the whole house a couple of times. Then I decided that I better hiss at her just a little bit, just to make sure she still remembered who was in charge. But I have to admit, it was fun!

And so it begins. I guess she’s here to stay. Mom keeps telling me that eventually I’ll love having a little sister, and that I’ll come to love Ruby. I guess I can already see that Mom might be right. As long as Ruby knows I’m in charge, it just might be okay.

25 Comments on Allegra’s World: My New Little Sister

      • Allegra-I know mamma would have found a lovely sister for you. It sounds like you even realize that the little pipsqueak is fun to play with. Hmm was it not just a year that you were the new one in the house.

        Your sister is lovely. PS it is fun to sound like a herd of elephants running through the house.

  1. Allegra, it is hard to share mommies! Especially for torties. My Aunt Beatrice, also a tortie, is still not adjusted to my Uncle Irvin’s move in….3 years late.

    • I think torties probably have a harder time sharing their humans than other cats. I’m sorry to hear your Aunt Beatrice is still having a hard time, Link.

  2. Allegra, you’re a clever and gracious girl to open your home to fellow tortie. Think about the fun and mischief you get into together, well not too much mischief. Your mom has enough on her plate. My whole fur gang approves of the new twosome and say, “Teach Ruby everything you know but not any bad habits!”

  3. Allegra, you are always going to be top cat, Ruby is going to be your protege. So you teach her well, all the tricks and stunts you have learned, especially when Mom is away, and you will learn Ruby is fun to have around to keep you company. Not only that, Mom will be happier. Think of all the nice pictures Mom will be taking now. Allegra and her little sister as the stars.

  4. You are a smart girl, Allegra! And I’m sure Ruby knows that too! You’re going to have a great time together very soon… I already see that starting! I’m so happy for you, Mom and Ruby!
    Have fun, you 3 girls!

  5. Allegra, some day you’ll look back on all your hissing and wonder what your problem was! My mom has given me some of the best friends I ever had in my life. ~Cookie, a very old tortie

  6. Allegra you are a very smart girl to figure out so quickly that having a little sister is fun! I’m so happy for you, Mom & Ruby.

  7. Allegra, we think you two will have such a good time together. Think of all the games you can play and all the trouble you can get into together. Our new little sister. Little Bit is having a lot of fun playing with Lucky. We think it is great to have friends and sisters. Take care.

  8. Allegra… you were there first, so you’ll always be in charge. You’re doing a good job with your new sister. Probably Mom has enough love to share with both of you… and pretty soon, you’ll probably figure out that you can put your heads together to create some mischief of your own.

    pawhugs, Max

    • I think Allegra is starting to figure out that there’s enough love to go around, Max. And I’m sure between the two of them, they will surprise me with plenty of mischief!

  9. Allegra, you sure are grown up for such a young girl. Willing to share Mom and your house with Ruby shows your maturity.
    I know you will enjoy playing with your new sister and when Mom is away or busy you will not be alone. Plus you have so much to teach Ruby.

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