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Hi everyone! It’s Ruby! I’m so excited that I get to write here, too! I’ve been here almost three weeks now, and it’s so great here! When I lived with my human foster parents and two big foster brothers, I didn’t know what a forever home was. Now I know: it’s kitty paradise, right here on earth!

I love my mom, and I love my big sister Allegra. I’m so happy! Sometimes, I get so happy that I have to jump for joy. I jump straight up in the air!

I know that my new big sister wasn’t too terribly happy when I first arrived here. She hissed and growled while I was exploring my new home. But even then, I knew we’d be best friends in no time, because I realized quickly that she wasn’t mad at me – she was mad at our mom! That’s who she was hissing and growling at! Thankfully, it didn’t take her long to stop being mad at Mom, and then she started making friends with me. At first she’d just watch me closely. After a few hours, we started to hang out together in the same room. Two days later, we were touching noses. You get where this is going – we’re definitely friends now, and I think this is only the beginning.

Neither one of us really knew how to play with other cats. I was too intimated by my two foster brothers to play with them, because quite frankly, they were giants compared to me! I was afraid I might get squished by one of them! Since it had just been Allegra and Mom for a long time, Allegra didn’t have any practice playing with other cats, either. But we’re both very smart, so we figured it out pretty quickly!

Our favorite thing is to chase each other through the house. We pretend to stalk each other around corners and from behind furniture, and then we pounce on each other. We run like the wind! Up and down stairs! Up and down cat trees! Up and down furniture! Wee!!!

I also love when Mom plays with both of us. One game that Allegra and I love is when Mom brings out these little plastic spring things. She says we can only play with them when she can watch us. I don’t know why, they’re totally fun and we could have a blast even without her watching us. Allegra says Mom worries that we might chew on them and maybe swallow little pieces if we’re not being supervised. Allegra says that’s what Moms do – they worry. That’s sweet. Anyway, we both love chasing these little springs all over the house, and the best part is that when we manage to bat them underneath a piece of furniture, we get to watch Mom retrieve them for us! Great fun for all, especially for Mom!

When we’re not playing, I like to look out the windows. There’s so much to see! There are birds, there are people walking by, sometimes, there are dogs out there, and the best part is that I can watch all of that and be safe inside our wonderful house! I have no desire to go outside. I lived outside for a while after I was abandoned, and let me tell you, it was scary out there, and there was nobody to take care of me.  Take it from one who’s been there: being outside is highly overrated.

That’s all for today. Mom says I can write here again soon. Besides, I have to go chase my sister now. Life is good! Wee!!!

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33 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: First Post

  1. Loved that article! Now, I’m teary-eyed because my cat just turned 13 and I don’t want to lose him. Spider adopted us when we were living next door to people who yelled a lot and that made him scared of them. One day, he came to our house and never left. After my divorce, I brought him with me. He looks a lot like Ruby, but he has white where she had yellow (he’s not a Tortie tho).

  2. I finally got a chance to peek at your website to read Ruby’s blog. I absolutely LOVE her photo! She is soooo lucky to have found her way into your heart and your home (Amber’s too!).

  3. What a lovely story-I am so happy for both of you-I am glad you both like pouncing on each other-I love the sound of kitty feed tearing through the house.

    Ingrid she is a little doll-how old is she and what does she weigh-she looks so petite. How long was she outside for? She is very fortunate to have been adopted by you.

    • Esme, we think she’s about nine months old. She’s tiny, she only weighs about 5 pounds. I don’t know how long she was outside. A woman heard her cry in her backyard, and when she opened the door to check, Ruby ran right into the house. This was back in February.

      • She looks tiny-her and Penelope would probably enjoy each other-although Penelope is 9 lbs-she is very tiny-I can hold her with one hand. Wow-I cannot believe she was outside in the winter. It is unbelievable to me that people put animals outside.

  4. Oh, this is so awesome! I’ve been so busy lately I didn’t even realize Ruby had arrived till I got caught up on my FB and blog post reading! Welcome to your forever home, Ruby. I know that your mom and sister are so happy you’re there, and we can’t wait to read your next blog post! Head butts!

  5. I love your blog, Ruby!!!!I’m so glad you are getting along so quickly with your big sister. You definitely found a great home!

  6. Great debut with your blog, Ruby! You definitely have the writing talent that runs in your new family. Can’t wait to hear more about your new adventures in your new home.

  7. Well Ruby, it sounds like you’ve adjusted very nicely to your new home; in every single way! My cat Sam and I are happy to have you join your sister and your Mom in the wonderful world of blogging….we hope to hear more from you but it sounds like you’re keeping busy exploring your new world and life.

  8. Oh Ruby, you are just the cutest girl ever. You are just perfect for Ingrid. You look like such a happy cat and we are so glad to hear that you and Allegra are having so much fun together. That is such a cute picture of you with your paws up. Just shows just how trusting you are and that is the best news ever. We are very happy for all three of you.
    Take care.

    • Robin, her belly is completely irresistible. She does this four paws in the air thing when she’s totally happy on her perch, it’s too cute. The photo doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

  9. I’m so happy for you, sweet Ruby! And for your Mom and your sister Allegra! It’s so wonderful to hear you are all so happy together and enjoying life!
    Enjoy your forever home, sweet Ruby, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you again soon — and from Allegra too, of course! 🙂

      • Ingrid,

        I love reading the stories of Allegra and Ruby. My tortie Agatha Christie brings such joy into my life. I brought Agatha home from a local shelter five years ago when I went to deliver donations of kitty litter and food. A woman came in with this tiny kitten. She and her husband live on a farm, run a nursery school and have three cats of their own. Two of them need daily injections and IV treatment so trying to figure out how to care for two newborn kittens abandoned by their feral mother was more than they could handle. One kitten was very weak when both were found and soon died. Agatha was strong and held fast to life. I joyfully brought her home where seven other cats shared my home. Agatha was three weeks old. I bottle fed her, used paper towels dipped in warm water to clean her, etc. Agatha is rather unhappy right now. Last week I had to have her big brother Houdini put down due to a medical issue that the vet said he would not survive during surgery. Agatha has her big sisters Aisling and Eliza Doolittle, but it is not the same.

  10. We’re all jumping for joy with you Ruby. Looks like you hit the kitty jackpot: a good home, loving mom and even a fellow tortie pal.

  11. Love your story Ruby. You and Allegra are going to be busy with Summer on the way and so much to see outside and write to us your experiences. And best to be an indoor cat. Safer for everyone.
    Run and play with your sister.
    Enjoy your forever home.

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