Ruby The Conscious Cat

Check it out, everyone! Mom had the blog header changed to include me! How cool is that! I love my Mom!

Allegra and I have been having fun. She’s an awesome big sister. I know I annoy her sometimes, but she always forgives me very quickly, and then we play together and chase each other around the house.

I also have fun with Mom! I love to entertain her! I think one of her favorite things is when I first wake up in the morning, and I bounce all over the bed, back and forth. It’s my way to slowly warm up for the day ahead. Can I help it if it also serves to get Mom out of bed? I’m not sure why Mom always groans when I do it, because it feels so good! Some mornings, just to add a little variety, I play with her hair, or bop her on the head. It appears that on those mornings, breakfast is served earlier – hmmm. If you’re wondering where Allegra is when I do this: she usually watches and quietly cheers me on, but then looks all innocent when Mom opens her eyes to see who’s making all the racket.

Another thing I love to do with Mom is share her meals. She doesn’t seem to want to share, though, so it becomes a challenge, which, of course, makes me want to do it even more. I jump up on the table where she’s eating to check out what she’s having. She picks me up and sets me back on the floor. I climb right back up on the table. She puts me back down. I figure eventually she’ll get tired of this and just let me have some of her food, but so far, that’s never happened.

I almost pulled one over on her last week, though! She was having shrimp, and the smell just about did me in. I wanted some so badly! And I got my opportunity, too! Her attention was distracted for a moment, and that’s all I needed. I grabbed a big shrimp by its tail and started to take off with it. Drats – Mom saw me before I got away, and took the shrimp from me. I was mad, and I let her know it – I growled at her! I caught myself right away, though. What was I doing? I was growling at my Mom, who I love! And since she’s the best Mom ever, she broke off a small piece of the shrimp and let me have it. OMC, it was soooo good! I could eat that every day!

I love that Mom never gets mad at me. I know she gets exasperated sometimes, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a high maintenance kitty. I love to be around Mom, on top of Mom, or at least near Mom all the time, and I make sure she knows it. I talk, chirp, mew and purr all day long! I know that the purr always gets her – even if I’ve just done something she may not be entirely happy about, if I roll around on her lap and purr, all is forgiven. Good to know.

Now you’ll have to excuse me. I need to go find my sister and wake her up from her nap.

Mom wanted to show you this video of me enjoying the sunny window perch in her office. Am I cute or what!

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22 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: Wake Up Tactics and the Stolen Shrimp

  1. I am surprised you caught her before she ate the shrimp. I have to be careful where I leave my food. I have dogs. One night I left my dinner on the night stand while I went back to the kitchen. In just a minute it was all gone. They don’t jump on the dinner table, but I eat in bed while watching TV after feeding my girls.

  2. What a beautiful memory of such a precious girl. Is Ruby chirping at the birds in the video? My Jet chirps too.

  3. Ruby, it takes all four of us to wake mom, and sometimes it still doesn’t work!~The Big Four / Sometimes when your big sister is cheering you on when you’re doing something marginally okay but really annoying, she’s lauging when you turn your back because she got you to do the dirty work.~Cookie, who remembers her big sister from long ago / You need to sharpen your dinner plate stalking technique, but don’t worry, you’ll get there.

  4. Oh Ruby! What a joy you are! We exhaust our human Mom too (after all, there are seven of us), but she never gets mad either! Glad Allegra has such a pawsome little sister to share her forever home with!

    Meows and Purrs from Zee and Zoey

    • I’m trying to wrap my mind around Ruby energy times seven. Nope – can’t do it :-). Ruby says she can, and that she bets it is a lot of fun!

  5. Yes, you ARE cute, dear Ruby! You talking, chirping, mewing and purring girl… you are a clever girl and I know you KNOW that! 🙂 You seem to be a bit of a challenge for your Mom at times (as all curious, smart kids are to their moms), but she loves you so much and she has a big patience… you are right, she is the best Mom ever, you’re a lucky girl!
    I loved reading about your adventures!

    Love and purrs,
    Anna and Zoe

    • Anna, I think she has figured out pretty quickly that cuteness will get her far 🙂 She can be a handful, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  6. Ruby, we think you are the cutest. Nothing wrong with having a lot of energy. We like to have fun too. Especially our Little Bit even though her hindquarters don’t work very well, she can do almost everything. She loves to play too. You two should have a play day. Take care.

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