Allegra and Ruby on the stairs

As regular readers of The Conscious Cat, you’ve been hearing directly from Allegra (and Ruby, too) how much fun it’s been for her since Ruby joined our family. It’s been an absolute joy to watch the two of them together, but what has been particularly wonderful for me is the transformation Allegra has gone through in the last six weeks. She has gained confidence, the behavioral challenges we’ve been working with for the past year have improved considerably to the point of being almost non-existent, and she continues to blossom and come into her own in ways I never expected.

I wrote about this topic for Pet Connection, and I thought you’d enjoy this slightly different vantage point. Click here to read the article.

9 Comments on When Two Cats Are Better Than One

  1. What a wonderful story-I am glad to hear that Ruby has been a source of happiness for Allegre. It is true joy to watch them interact and play together. xo P. and M.

  2. Yes, two makes it so much more interesting and comforting in lots of ways. Glad your two are enjoying each other… Bugsy and Knuckles love having each other around.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. It does help to have two cats so they can interact. I have seventeen here so I see lots of interaction and it is very interesting to see them react to each other. I have two that are really good friends. Glad Allegra and Ruby are enjoying each other so mucn.

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