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I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since I last wrote on here! Well, not exactly – Ruby and I told you about our tunnel adventure a week ago. That was really something! I’m happy to report that the evil tunnel has remained calm, and that we enjoy playing with it again.

Everything is good here. I really like having Ruby around and I hardly ever get annoyed with her anymore. I still wish she’d tone it down a little when Mom gets our food ready. You wouldn’t believe the screaming that’s going on then! Like Mom isn’t getting our meals ready as fast as she can. Ruby really needs to cut her a break. But, I guess that’s why I’m the big sister. I’m the patient one. It’s good to be me.

Speaking of food. A pet food company sent Mom some cans of food that Mom says they want her to write a review about. We mostly eat raw food, but about once a week, Mom gives us canned food, too. I like both kinds. I think Ruby does, too, although with her, you’d probably never know, I think she’d eat anything Mom puts in front of her. She’s also very interested in whatever Mom is eating.

But I digress. So these cans of food have been sitting on the counter for a couple of days, but neither Ruby nor I can figure out how to open them. I wish Mom would hurry up already and let us try them. I told Mom I should probably be the one to write the review, but she obviously hasn’t made up her mind about that. But one way or the other, you’ll see a review soon. (Or else, you’ll see a news report titled “Cat Figures Out How to Open Can” because it’s just too tantalizing to have these cans sitting on the kitchen counter, right where we can see them!)

The only thing that’s been happening that I’m not too crazy about is the frequent storms we’ve been having. They haven’t been bad ones, but I hate any kind of storm, even just a rainstorm. The sound of the rain hitting the house really scares me. I run downstairs and hide in the shower stall behind the curtain. It’s dark and quiet in there, and it makes me feel a little safer.

Mom has been giving me magic water twice a day (Ingrid’s note: I give her Safe Space for Cats by Spirit Essences), and when a storm is coming, she gives me even more magic water (Ingrid’s note: I either give her Stress Stopper by Spirit Essences, or a blend of Anxiety and  Animal Emergency Care by Green Hope Farm Flower Essences), and it helps make me less afraid, but during storms, I’m still not comfortable being anywhere else in the house except in my safe shower stall. Mom comes and checks on me frequently to make sure I’m okay and tries to coax me out, but I’d rather stay in my safe space.

What I don’t understand is why Mom can’t just make the bad weather go away. She can do everything else to make my life nice, why not this? I mean, come on, she can even open cans of food! Changing the weather should be a breeze compared to that!

Are you afraid of storms? What does your Mom or Dad do to help you not be afraid?

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  1. Hi Allegra –

    We live here in Florida, so we get lots of storms in the summer. Maybe our human Mom needs to try some of that Spirit Essense that your are talking about. We try to be brave, but sometimes the booms are so loud, the house shakes and we can’t help but run for a safe corner!

    You think feeding time is bad with Ruby – try it with seven of us! Despite that we love our children dearly (Mia, Peanut, and Rolz) – they are just an unruly pawful. Don’t they realize that human Mom feeds them EVERY SINGLE DAY and that they don’t need to act like loud and obnoxious hooligans. As you said Allegra, our humans try to be as quick as possible…. cut them a break indeed!

    Meows from your friends Zee and Zoey

    • Thanks for stopping by, Zee and Zoey! I bet you’d probably be a little less afraid if your Mom gave you some of the magic water, too.

      Maybe the feeding thing is an age thing and your children will eventually mellow out a little. I’ll let you know if Ruby ever does…

  2. Allegra – our kitties aren’t afraid of storms. But, I AM! I wish I could join you in your safe shower stall during a bad storm 🙂 I have actually hidden under covers in bed once in a while! I might have to try magic water for myself!!

    • Tammy, I’m with you! During really bad storms, I’m actually glad I have a “legitimate” reason to join Allegra in the shower stall!

  3. Hi Allegra, here’s hoping the remedies help. You didn’t mention how Ruby is during the storms. Us mancats are brave and love storms. We will send protective vibes. Tell your mom to explain what exactly the loud sounds are and how far way they are.

    • Thank you for the protective vibes for Allegra, Layla. Ruby is fearless when it comes to storms, or any other loud noises outside. Oddly, she’s afraid of the vacuum cleaner (the ONLY thing I’ve found she’s afraid of so far), while Allegra couldn’t care less about it.

  4. We get scared during the storms too but not too bad. We just hide under the bed. One of us is a total pig about eating too and Mom has just trained her not to be so pushy by just pushing her away from whoever’s plate she is trying to take over. She has gotten much better. Good to see you again Allegra and glad you and Ruby are getting along so well.

  5. Hi Allegra! How lovely to read your column and your thoughts and adventures with Ruby and Mom! Your Mom is so sweet to help you with magic water when you are afraid!
    Sending you, Ruby and your Mom lots of love from sunny, hot Rhodes, Greece! (That’s where my Zoe comes from! Lots of homeless cats and kittens here… It’s really beautiful here, but that’s the one thing really breaking my heart: the homeless cats and kittens everywhere)

    One of my beloved “furry sisters” was very afraid of thunderstorms and especially fireworks, she used to hide behind the kitchen furniture… We tried to coax her out, but she’d rather stay in her safe place like you, Allegra…

  6. Sam is very afraid of storms – just rain is great, but when the “noise” starts with thunder and lightning, he heads for the basement. Behind boxes of Christmas decorations is a small area where he feels safe. We put a scrap of carpet on the concrete floor and he’s happy to stay until the noise is over with – if things get REALLY scary, he will crawl under the sofa in the basement but that’s getting tough now that he’s BIG. I do frequent checks on him – he’s always more than happy and will NOT come out until things quiet down.

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