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It’s about time that I get to write on here again. Just because I’m little doesn’t mean I don’t have lots to say!

You’ll be happy to hear that I’ve refined my wake up tactics. I’m quite pleased with myself! In addition to bouncing all over the bed, I’ve now added chasing my tail to my repertoire. I dance and whirl around like a feline dervish (I have no idea what a dervish is, but it sounds cool), but I can never catch it! It’s a little frustrating, but quite entertaining! And evidently, it adds to Mom’s morning pleasure, because her groans get even louder than when I just jump up and down on top of her. Sometimes, she even participates in the game by giving me a gentle kick from under the covers. I love that! It makes me slide off the bed, and I jump right back on, and for good measure, I bite Mom’s toes through the covers! Wee!!! Sometimes, I get distracted because Allegra wants to get in on the game and starts to chase me out of the bedroom, so Mom gets a few extra minutes of sleep. Suck up! I think she just does it to earn brownie points with Mom.

We had some excitement the other night. All of a sudden, there were all these weird noises coming from outside. It didn’t sound like thunder, I already know what that sounds like, and unlike Allegra, who’s afraid of storms, that doesn’t bother me at all. But this was different – kind of a popping noise, followed by some swishy sounds, and then it sounded like sssssssss, weeeeee, ppppoooowww! I had to go see what that was! I ran to all the windows and looked out, but couldn’t see anything.  Mom said it’s called fireworks, and that it was coming from some neighboring yards.  Allegra, of course, was afraid of the noises and hidden away in her safe spot behind the downstairs shower curtain. Mom gave her her magic water (Ingrid’s note: Spirit Essences Stress Stopper has worked really well for Allegra’s fears of storms and loud noises), but she still wouldn’t come out.

I’m not afraid of anything! I’m a brave kitten! Bring it on! What? What did you say, Mom? Oh. Alright. There is one thing I’m afraid of, and that’s the monster Mom brings out once a week. She says it’s called a vacuum cleaner, but that’s far too kind a word for something that roars and eats small things that are on the floor. I mean, what if it eats me? I’m small! Oddly, Allegra isn’t afraid of the monster at all, she just sits a few feet away and watches Mom push it all through the house. I don’t get it. Maybe it’s because she’s bigger than me, and the monster can’t eat her. Thankfully, I found a place where the monster can’t get me: right on the very top of our big cat tree in the living room. I can keep an eye on things from up there, and keep a safe distance. So far, the monster hasn’t figured out how to climb.

And just so you can see what I have to put up with, here’s a video of me taking a leisurely bath (aren’t I just too cute!). And then – well, you’ll have to watch to see what happened!

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  1. Ruby, our Kelly has no tortitude and Cookie is not a morning tortie, so it’s up to us four and occasionally our Mimi mom to try to wake up our human mom, but you know what? We can do anything to her and nothing works. We can jump all over her and she just goes on sleeping. Sunshine chews on her fingers and Giuseppe gets under the covers and tunnels around and she rolls over on her other side. Be glad you can get your mom up whenever you want! And sisters are okay, even if they pull your tail, but just be glad you don’t have brothers, they are a bunch of jerks.–Hey, who let Mewsette write that?!

    • Wow, you sleep very soundly, Bernadette! I guess now that you know Mewsette knows how to use the computer, you better watch your own blog…

  2. Hi Ruby! I enjoyed your blog! Mom always let’s me know when u and Allegra write and have fun stories. I have a fun wake up routine like you do. I like to bounce on Mom and Dad. Dad rarely budges but I always seem to get Mom’s attention! I feel it’s my job to get them up on time everyday! They really don’t need that irritating alarm clock-they have meand I’m much more fun and way cuter! Say hi to Allegra for me!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Ruby’s blog, Montana. Ruby agrees, waking up to kitties bouncing on top of humans is way more fun than an alarm clock.

  3. Sure glad to hear that you are enjoying life so much Ruby. Looks like Allegra wanted to do some playing too. You sure are a cutie patootie. Hope all have a great day.

    • Marg, the funny thing is that I Ruby used to do this to Allegra when she was sleeping on the perch, and it would annoy the heck out of Allegra! I guess turn about is fair play!

  4. Hi Ruby, I don’t like that noisy vacuum thing, either. Ours is purple and is called the Shark, and that’s what I call it. THE SHARK!!! My sister Lexy just sits and watches it, too. She dares it to come near her, but I just prefer to run. Mommy says 2 kitties + 2 litter boxes= lots of vacuuming.

    I like your video, it’s cute!

  5. Hi ruby……I know all about that monster that lives in the closet…..Mom has one of those too. I can’t imagine why she lets that thing live in our house! We had lots of noise around here too the other night – lots of loud bangs and stuff – I’m so glad I have a “safe place” down in our basement where I can stay when things get weird around here! Still, I know I’m one lucky spoiled cat – I can put up with noise and stuff if it means getting to live my life of luxury!!!!

    Hugs from your Admirer,
    Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

  6. Great job of blogging, Ruby. You have devised some great alarm clock routines. Tell your mom that the boys are starting to grow out of that toe-biting phase, so there’s hope on the way.

    pawhugs, Max

  7. Oh Ruby, you are TOOOO cute!!!!!! Loved your video, and even if big sisters sometimes think they know everything better, I know you’re having a great time together!!! And Allegra is a sweet big sister, isn’t she?

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