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Things have been really exciting around here! Ruby and I are hard at work on Mom’s Pettie campaign. We really want her to win! Mom is the best, and she works really hard on this blog. Well, we work hard on it, too – so if she wins, we win, too!

And it’s not just the three of us who win, either: if Mom wins, she gets a ton of money. I don’t really know money, but Mom said she gets $1000 for each Pettie. That sounds like a lot of money to me! Anyway, if Mom wins, that money will go to two groups who help homeless cats find their forever homes, Casey’s House and Kitten Associates. Ruby and I both know what it’s like to be homeless. We don’t like to think about it anymore, and we know how lucky we are that Mom adopted us, so we really like it that she wants to help other cats be as lucky as we are, too.

Of course, I’m in charge of the campaign. Ruby just does what I tell her to do. We both love having such important jobs. Not that we don’t have enough to do just playing and napping and eating, but having a job makes us feel really important! So please help all of us win and vote for Mom’s blog twice a day through July 29.

When I’m not busy running Mom’s Pettie campaign, I make time to play with Ruby. She just loves to sneak up on me and then chase me through the house. Well, she thinks she’s sneaking up on me, but I always know she’s coming. I just let her think I’m surprised.

But I admit, the other day, she did startle me. I was sitting at the top of the stairs, just surveying things, when she came flying up the stairs out of nowhere. It was like a black and brown blur! I don’t know what she was after, but she sure as heck wasn’t paying attention to where she was going, because all of a sudden she realized that I was sitting right in her path! It happened so fast that I couldn’t even react and get out of the way. I thought for sure she was going to crash into me. But no, the little monkey simply leaped right over top of me! She jumped straight up in the air and landed behind me. She’s quite the jumper, I’ll give her that. Mom says she leaps like a dolphin.

I’m way too dignified for that kind of nonsense. After all, I’m almost two! I’m a big girl now.

And now I have to go. Mom says it’s time to pose for some more campaign photos. A campaign staffer’s work is never done!

2011 Petties Best Cat Blog Best Overall Pet Blog

Thank you for nominating us for two Petties.
We need your help to win – please vote every day!

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16 Comments on Allegra’s World: Helping Mom Win a Pettie

  1. Hey Allegra and Ruby! Zee and Zoey here! Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve dropped by to say “hi,” but our Mom has put us to work too for our Petties Nomination for “Best Designed Blog!” Small world, huh?! Anyhow, phew, it really is exhausting being out on the campaign trail, but it really is cool to think we can help other kiites with our prize money if we win!!

    Good luck – you guys are pawsome! Keep up the good work and we’ll see you on the campaign trail – Zee and Zoey

    • Hi Zee and Zoey! Allegras says she sure hopes that our humans come up with some really great treats for all the hard work we’re doing for them!

  2. Forgot to tell you that I tried the work around you suggested in order to vote and it worked like a charm so I have been voting for you ever since – I love your blog and hope that you win!

  3. Hi Allegra
    This is our first time stepping out of the lurking shadow.
    We have been voting for you like crazy and we are so supportive ourselves of Kitten Associates.
    WE hope you win!


  4. When I try to vote there is no button to cast my vote – there was last week but not this week – I even signed up for the site thinking that might be the problem. Are any other readers having this problem?

    • Karen, I’ve had one other person who told me she had this problem. You may be using an older version of your browser, or it’s got something to do with the settings you have for your cookies. The way to get around it is to hover your mouse in the center below the blue boxes (where you saw it last week) – you can then click on that area and it will record your vote.

      Thank you for voting for us!

  5. I’ve been voting like crazy, Allegra. Your mom does work hard on the blog and HH and I come here for the definitive answer to all our questions about the boys… and believe me there are many.

    Anyway, good luck. I’m off to vote again.

    pawhugs, Max

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