Ha! You know how last week, I told you about my big refrigerator tumble and my unplanned shower, and how Mom was holding her breath, because these things usually come in three’s? Well, guess what.

The other night, while Mom and Allegra were fast asleep, I was roaming around the house. I like to do that sometimes in the middle of the night. Just for a few minutes, and just to make sure everything is where I left it before I went to bed. On my way through the kitchen, I decided to jump on the little ledge that separates the kitchen from the dining room. There’s a small ceramic bowl sitting there, and I thought it might make a nice toy.

I was right! I batted the little bowl off the ledge, and woohoo! It landed right in my water bowl! How fun was that! I was getting ready to jump down and bat it around some more when I noticed that, oops – the water bowl had split in half, and there was water all over the floor. My little toy bowl, however, was still in one piece. I got reeeaaaallly quiet. Maybe Mom hadn’t heard? After a few seconds, when no sounds came from the bedroom, I figured I was in the clear.

I tip-toed out of the kitchen, jumped up on the bed, curled up against Mom, and went back to sleep. I figured I’d just blame Allegra when Mom noticed the broken bowl in the morning.

As soon as Mom walked into the kitchen in the morning and saw the broken bowl, she said “Oh, Ruby! What did you do!” How did she know? I told her that at least I didn’t break the pretty little bowl! Somehow, Mom didn’t seem to think that that made it okay.

Thankfully, Mom never stays mad at me for very long. And I still wanted to play with the little bowl! I figured I’d better wait until Mom left the house on an errand or something. However, the next time I tried to bat it off the ledge, it wouldn’t budge! I pushed really hard, but I couldn’t get it to move! I finally gave up. I have no idea what happened – must be another one of these strange things humans do to stop us cats from having fun. (Ingrid’s note: What happened was that I anchored the little bowl with museum putty!).

So I guess now that I got number three out of the way, Mom can relax, right? But for some reason, I don’t think she is. I occasionally hear her mutter “oh boy, I sure hope Ruby mellows out a little by the time the Christmas tree comes out.” I don’t know what this Christmas tree is, but it sounds like it could be a lot of fun!

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17 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: Ruby and the Ceramic Bowl

  1. Uh oh the Christmas tree sounds REALLY interesting and like lots of fun!!!! (poor Mom)
    You sweet, mischievous little girl! xxx
    Ingrid, that museum putty trick is great! 😉

  2. Ruby, it sounds like your night times are a lot of excitement for you. I know you are really into being the mischievous little sister. Somehow, I think Allegra knows that you need to explore things and Mom is just going to have to chill out, and let you have fun.. Museum putty is used in my home so my Mom doesn’t knock her good things off the tables. Sounds like you need to find that and hide it.

  3. Ruby, have you secretly been taking mischief lessons from our Odin? Museum putty works but we’d need a metric ton at our house.

    • I definitely think Ruby and Odin are birds of a feather (hm – proably shouldn’t use that expression for cats). I thought Allegra was a handful when she was Ruby’s age!

  4. Ruby, you sound like a whole bunch of fun. She just needs to sit back and enjoy your antics. Cats rule and they should bat things around to have a good time. Anyway, we are glad to hear you are so happy and having such a good time.

    • I absolutely agree, Marg, cats should bat things around and have fun. Of course, it’s not like Ruby doesn’t have two whole baskets full of cat toys to bat around… 🙂

  5. Ruby, we’re so glad you’re around to give your mom a new awareness of her surroundings! We’ve told our mom that as long as she’s practicing that fun yoga thing on the floor with us, she might as well go a little further and learn about giving up attachments to things.

  6. Oh Ruby, you sure are a pawful for your Mom! Thank goodness your little toy bowl was okay! Our Mom mutters a lot at us for stuff too… geez, can’t humans just relax for a minute or two? We have a strong feeling our Mom will be looking into that museum putty…. can’t believe she didn’t think of it years ago! Thanks to us, our shelves are practically bare and it would be nice to be able to put a couple decorations back up to tempt us with!

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