Navigating Turbulent Times

Turbulence is life force. It is opportunity.
Let’s love turbulence and use it for change. – Ramsey Clark 

We live in challenging times.  The economy, the stock market, political battles – everywhere you look, there’s turmoil. Mercury is currently in retrograde, and if you believe in astrology, it means that during this period, things can go a little crazy, and our reactions to the ever-changing situations can cause confusion and frustration.

We can’t control the planets, or what is happening in the world, whether it’s the world at large, or our own small piece of it. But we can choose how we react to what’s happening around us, and we can control what we focus our thoughts on.

Here are some simple steps that can help make navigating these turbulent times a little easier:

–  Make a conscious decision each day to look for things that make you feel good.  Look for things to appreciate.  Look for the positive aspects in the people you interact with.  By focusing on what’s good in your world, you’ll allow less of what’s not so good into your energy field.

–  Go on a news diet.  At the very least, stop watching the news first thing in the morning, and last thing before you go to bed at night.  What you see first thing in the morning will stay in your consciousness throughout the day.  What you see just before you go to sleep will make its way into your dreams and spoil a good night’s rest for you.  Consider foregoing the news altogether.  If you feel you must be informed, be judicious about where you get your news.  There are ways to get the news without the hype.

Practice simple acts of kindness.  This is a fun and easy way to take the focus off yourself and any fear and worry you might experience.  Yield to the car in front of you trying to merge into your lane.  Smile at the harried clerk at the store.  Take an unexpected small gift to someone in your office.  Trying to make someone else feel better feels good. You’ll be surprised how much these simple little acts can shift your consciousness to a better place.

Spend time with your cat!  Spending time with cats is one of the best ways I know to instantly shift your vibration from negative to positive.  It’s impossible to be fearful and worried when you watch a kitten play or when you have a purring cat in your lap.

Find serenity in the middle of chaos. Breathe, take a walk in the fresh air, unplug, read; any or all of these will help you feel calmer. Or follow Merlin’s lead in the photo above: find a bench in a park or in your backyard, and enjoy the calming beauty of nature.

What are you doing to help you navigate these turbulent times?

19 Comments on Sunday Purrs: Navigating Turbulent Times

    • I agree, Fisher. I’ve been on a news diet for the past several years, and even though I used to be a total news junkie, I find that I don’t miss it at all.

    • You’re right, Katnip Lounge – that is all you need. Actually, I even skip the local news and just go straight for the weather, and I do that online.

  1. Yes to all five steps. I’d rather be listening to Merlin purring than news on TV and let’s face it, there are very few feel good news stories. Like Caren, I’m adamant about not taking in negative news at bedtime.

  2. Great post Ingrid – Like everyone in this world, I have my share of problems, negativity, and stress. Rather than using them as the yardstick as to how I measure my life, I prefer to focus on the positve and the good to rule my day. My cats factor at the top of the list as to keeping me happy, centered, and calm.

    I hope you, Allegra, and Ruby have a great Sunday!

  3. Ingrid this was fantastic and I am proud to say I do do many of the things that you suggested.

    I always look for things to appreciate whether it be a beautiful flower, watching a squirrels’ antics outside, scratching off a winning (even if it is $2) lottery ticket. I do always try and take the time to stop and say “thank you God”

    I NEVER watch the news before bed, NEVER.

    I am one of these people at the market, drugstore or wherever that will ALWAYS let someone (or a FEW) who are in line behind me and have one or two items go ahead of me. They are always stunned and it makes me smile. I figure hopefully it will be done for me one day too!

    I am guilty of not playing Cody as much as I should, I DO pet him but don’t do the interactive play as much as I should. I need to improve in that area.

    I also try and work out at least 3 days a week, that just means using the treadmill and stretching at Planet Fitness. I have my little ipod, it clears my brain, the endorphins kick in and it makes everything seem so much better!

  4. I only read the paper or watch TV news 2-3 times a week if that. So much of it is hype or slanted and we rarely have the whole truth. Ignorance is Bliss is not necessarily a bad thing. Controlling your thoughts and doing good for others helps me a lot.

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