cat wearing party hat with birthday cake

It’s my birthday today! I’m two years old!

And I got the best possible present I could have wanted for my birthday: Mom, Ruby and I won the 2011 Pettie for Best Pet Blog!

2011 Petties Bet Pet Blog Winner

And the best part of that present is not only that it made Mom ecstatically happy, it also means that it will help lots of other kitties, because Mom will receive two checks of $500 each to go to Casey’s House and Kitten Associates. Thank you from Mom, and purrs from Ruby and me for voting for us!

I can’t wait to see what Mom has planned for my special day. Come on Ruby, it’s party time!

Our Mews and Nips from Around the Internet feature will resume next Saturday.

30 Comments on Allegra’s World: Birthday Celebration

  1. Happy Birthday darling Allegra-we wish we could come over and share the cake with you. Sending you lots of paws and kisses Penelope and Magellan.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Allegra!!!!!!!! I’m sure you’re having a wonderful day!!!!!!
    And congratulations to your Mom, you and Ruby for winning the Pettie!!!! YAYYYY!!!!!!! You really deserve it, I love your blog and I can only say that that it’s truly the best pet blog ever! How nice that the price is going to help kitties in need!

  3. Happy Birthday Allegra! I love your birthday picture. Hope you have a great day! My 4th birthday is on Thursday! Congratulations to your Mom, yourself and Ruby for winning the Pettie Award! You guys have the best blog ever!!!


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