cat present birthday party hat

It’s my birthday today! I’m one whole year old – I’m a big girl now!

I can’t wait to see what Mom and Allegra have in store for me today. I know it’s going to be very special, because I’m special!

Graphic design by Robin A. F. Olson, Covered in Cat Hair

21 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: First Birthday

  1. Little Ruby, you are getting to be such a big girl. Mommy and big Sis Allegra will most certainly have a few surprises for you to celebrate your very 1st birthday. Steeler wants me to tell you Happy Birthday Baby and ask Mommy to sing that song to you.

  2. Oh, my goodness – Happy Birthday, Ruby! You’re a big girl now, and I’m sure Allegra and your mom have a great party planned for you. I love your picture, and you look very pretty in your party hat; did you tear open the presents yet?!?

  3. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. Right now, the birthday girl is tearing through the house like a little dervish. I think it’s in preparation for the party she and Allegra have planned later.

  4. Happy Birthday Dear Ruby! Happy Birthday to you!! I hope u have a great day and have lots of fun with your Mom and Allegra! I love your birthday picture!

    Love, your friend Montana

  5. Ruby – If it were not for the fact that Zoey would send me to the doghouse and I am old enough to be your father, we would be kitty soul mates!!! Today is MY birthday too! It is the most special day of the year and we are the most special kitties!! Happy Birthday Ruby!!

    Meows from Zee!!

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