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Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I’m writing this on a calm, sunny day – finally! After the earthquake and the hurricane last month, I thought we were done with scary weather, but apparently, not quite yet.

I had a bit of a rough week last week. You know by now that I’m not particularly fond of rainy days, especially not when it rains really hard. I don’t like the way the rain sounds against the house, and I’m really not comfortable being upstairs when it rains, because it’s that much closer to that annoying stuff falling from the sky. I prefer to stay downstairs, close to my safe space in the downstairs bathroom. When it gets really bad, I go in the shower stall behind the curtain. It’s my little safety cave.

Anyway, it rained all week last week. Day after day. It was getting really old. One night, I didn’t even feel safe going upstairs to sleep with Mom and Ruby, and that was really awful. I love sleeping snuggled up against Mom, but that night, I alternated sleeping in the downstairs bathroom and in one of the carriers in the kitty playroom downstairs. Mom came downstairs throughout the night to check on me and give me more Stress Stopper. It helped, but not enough to convince me to go back to bed with her.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, the rain got really loud on Thursday. And it kept on coming. And coming. I don’t know numbers, but Mom said our area got more than a foot of rain within just a couple of hours. I could tell Mom was getting more and more worried, and I didn’t blame her – this was really scary stuff! Then all of a sudden I heard Mom say some really bad words in the laundry room. I asked her what happened when she came back out, and she said there was some water coming up through the foundation of our house. Now I got really scared. I don’t know whether I can swim! Thankfully, Mom said it wasn’t that bad, and besides, she’d never let anything bad happen to me. That made me feel better.

Mom was able to stem the water with some towels. I tried to tell her that something smelled funny in the Reiki room downstairs, but she didn’t get it. When she came downstairs the next morning, she got it alright. Yes, Mom, that funky wet carpet smell was what I was trying to tell you about the night before! Poor humans, they have such limited capabilities when it comes to smelling stuff. Anyway, the carpet in that room had gotten soaked in a couple of places. Mom moved a bunch of stuff out of the closet, which was very interesting, except when I went into the closet to investigate, my feet got wet – ick! Then she put two big noisy fans in the room and closed the door. I didn’t like that at all – I like to sit in the windows of that room and look outside. They’re at ground level, so that makes it really fun. But Mom explained that she had to pull the carpet up from the floor, and there were sharp nails sticking up. She didn’t want Ruby and me to get hurt. I love how Mom always looks out for us! So even though I couldn’t get inside the Reiki room for a couple of days, I understood.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, Mom left us for two whole days this past weekend! She went to what she called a cat show. I don’t know why she had to go there, she can see cats all day long right here at home! But she said it was to sell Buckley’s book, and to tell people about how to keep their cats healthy, so I guess that was okay. But it sure made for two long days without her for Ruby and me. At least she came home in time for dinner each evening, although she really wasn’t much fun to have around. She pretty much fed us, ate her own dinner, and then collapsed on the couch for a while before going to bed. At least I got to snuggle with her all night, even if I didn’t get to have her around those two days.

So that’s what’s been happening here. I’m hoping for some calm, quiet weather with lots of sun spots for Ruby and me and no more rain! I would like to spend my days sunbathing like I am in the photo above.

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  1. Allegra, we have running water in our basement when it rains! We’re not sure where it comes from, sometimes it drips down the wall and onto the floor and sometimes it comes in at the corners, then it runs across the floor and makes a funny noise when it disappears into the drain. Mom doesn’t even say those words anymore and we don’t get to watch her moving the water around, she just looks down the stairs and says something about someone fixing the street. We often have no idea what she means, and now that she doesn’t tell us to get out of the water it’s no fun to play in. We just get up on the washer and dryer and such and watch it for a while. But humans aren’t anywhere near as alert as we are.~Fantastic Four and the girls

  2. Oh Allegra, it looks like you had quite a tough week! (and your Mom too, I bet!)
    I wish you a much more fun week, and LOOOOTS of sunshine!!!!! We have plenty of sunshine here, Zoe – who is a real Greek girl – is so happy, but she told me I can send you a few sunrays especially for you, and we will more than gladly accept a few raindrops in exchange! How is that for a deal?
    Have a wonderful day, lovely Allegra!

  3. Hi Allegra! Sorry you had such a rough, scary week! You were pretty brave though! In the midst of having so much going on, you helped your Mom assess the rug situation. Even though you were having a tough time, you stayed alert and on your toes to help!! Hope this week is a better one for you and that you and Ruby get to enjoy your Mom’s Reiki room once again!
    Your Friend,

  4. Aww… poor sweet Allegra. We know how you feel – here in Florida it has been raining every single day and with it comes really loud and scary booms and flashes of light. It makes our Mom really edgy, especially when she has to drive though it when she comes home from work. She said some bad words like your Mommy did, because she says people forget how to drive when it rains and it becomes dangerous…

    Anyhow, we are glad you are okay and that your Mom is back from her cat show and that your basement is drying out. Even as tired and worn out as she is from all of that , she still had the time to help you with this terrific post. We are sending you love and hugs through the computer, and, oh yeah, “rain, rain go away, come again some other day… just not any time soon, and please leave Allegra’s basement alone.”
    Zee, Zoey, Mia, Peanut, Rolz, Harley, and Jazz

    • Thanks for the good wishes, Deb and family. I’m glad I didn’t have to be out driving in that weather the other day, and so is Allegra, that’s for sure!

  5. Dear Allegra, I saw Mom at the cat show. She was working really hard. Don’t worry about her being with those other cats, they were all kind of snooty and you couldn’t even touch most of them.

  6. Gosh Allegra, you really have had a tough week. That must have been awful when the water started to come in the house.Yikes. Hope it is all dried out now. We know what it is like to be scared. Nothing helps except for the scary thing to go away. Take care and have a fun day.

  7. Poor Allegra! Oh my what a week you had! I am so sorry about what happened in your Reiki room but you did a good job trying to convey to your Mom that there was a problem!

    Your poor Mom must be exhausted! Cleaning up water is such hard work and she was smart to shut the door so your paws wouldn’t be hurt.

    I am glad that at least your mom is home with you now and hopefully the situation has been resolved!

    I hope your Mom sells lots and lots of books too!

    Much love, Caren & Cody

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