beautiful tortie cat

No, Ruby did not start watching late night TV, but she insisted it was her turn to blog, and she wanted to share this list of “Top Ten Things About Ruby!”

10. I like sleeping on my back, with all four feet sticking up in the air.

9.   I love my Mom!

8.   I love my sister Allegra.

7.   My favorite flavor raw food is rabbit.

6.   I jump high into the air when Allegra sneaks up behind me when we play!

5.   When new people come to the house, I’m a little shy at first, but I warm up quickly.

4.   I like to take naps by a sunny window.

3.   I don’t like it when dinner is delayed because Mom gets home late.

2.   I love to sit on Mom’s lap when she works.

And the number one thing you need to know about me:

1.   I’m irresistibly cute!

24 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: Top Ten Things About Ruby

  1. She was such a beautiful girl and so sweet. There is never enough time with our kitties and this is a very special reminder to document our experiences and memories. Ruby’s Reflections has been a favorite part of your blog for me and inspired me to do more in order to keep my memories close. Thank you for sharing these looks back to your favorite moments. Sweet girl with tortitude who we will all remember for years and years to come. Give Allegra an extra hug from myself and my beasties also.

  2. Looking back and seeing Ruby’s sweet face, with those inquiring eyes delights me..It’s so sad when we have to let them go..My tuxedo Jack-Ack Ack, was 20 yrs old in June 2021..He is really failing now.. He was at the vets last week..Doc said, he has a strong heart, and clear lungs, but he is weak, and skinny; can barely walk..I remember all his life, when he would be walking toward me, his tail would be straight in the air..He is a talker, and still can do his loud, demanding meow, when he wants you to come be with him..I dread his leaving me..

    • I LOVE your kitty’s NAME!! Wish I’D thought of it. Is it from a Billy Joel song? (Or is it Springsteen?)

      I know Jack-Ack Ack is a PRETTY boy, always dressed in his finest, even if it DOES hang a little loose on him now.

      Catherine, I wish I could tell you some way to get through those senior days, but just remember always that your being near him to help him through his less able times is the greatest gift you could ever give him. Know that you are a comfort to him.

      The Love of My Life lived to be a little over 19. I wish I’d given him a more dignified name, but we called him Bobo. He was a burly Himalayan, & I called him my Hunky Man.

      I helped him from this life, but not until I was sure he couldn’t POSSIBLY be getting any pleasure out of life. Except for the very last, Bobo had a VERY good life, & I comfort myself with that.

      I know NO ONE could’ve loved him like I did, & I’m sure you could say the same thing about you & Jack-Ack Ack. Just keep loving him to the end.

  3. Ruby, it sounds to me like you’re just the perfect kitty! Your mom didn’t list one important fact, but I’m sure she didn’t forget this one, she probably thought it was pretty obvious, but I’ll say it: Ruby is a TORTIE GIRL! ‘Nuf said.

  4. Ruby, I hate to say this so don’t tell anyone that I said it, but you are just the cutest. We knew you were going to be a cutie patootie just by all your actions. Wish Mahoney could come play with you. No one will play with her here. She is our orphan kitty. Hope all of you have a really fun day.

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