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Mom says I have a propensity to get myself in trouble. I don’t know what propensity means. It sounds like one of these big words humans like to use to make themselves sound important. I like to have fun. I can’t help it if that sometimes ends up causing trouble, can I?

After my stink bug adventure from two weeks ago, things had been pretty quiet. I was just going about my usual business of playing with Allegra, being cute, keeping Mom’s lap warm while she works, and just generally having a good old time.

It was during one of my lap warming sessions when trouble found me. It was pretty late in the afternoon, and I was starting to get a little hungry, so I thought I’d start reminding Mom that it would soon be dinner time. One way I do that is by walking around on her desk, pushing against the monitor so it turns and she can no longer see it, sitting on top of the printer, and all kinds of other things that Mom calls “disruptive” and that I call “entertaining.”

Mom didn’t even stop working long enough to admire my cuteness, so I moved on and started to play under her desk. Sometimes I jump on top of the computer that’s under there, it’s nice and warm on top of it and it vibrates a little bit. I like that! That day, I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before. There was a big fat blue cable hanging halfway down to the floor from the desk. It looked like it was put there just for me. My own personal kitty jungle gym! I just knew it would be great fun to try and dangle from it!

It was fun. For about ten seconds. Then the blue cable came loose, and two big black boxes came crashing down on top of me. I ran like the wind to get away from them! Predictably, Mom’s reaction was “oh no, Ruby! What did you do?” I swear, sometimes I think my name is really Ohnoruby.

Apparently, my little bid for the kitty Olympics gymnastics team killed Mom’s internet access. It took several minutes of muttering and uttering some very ugly words before she figured out how to plug everything back into the right outlets to get things going again. Apparently I had not only toppled something she called a router and a modem, I had also ripped the blue cable out of the router thing.

I don’t know what the big deal was. In fact, as far as I’m concerned: mission accomplished. Because once Mom put everything back together, instead of going back to work, she went into the kitchen to feed Allegra and me.

I bet she doesn’t realize that now I know what to do the next time she’s slow in feeding us dinner…

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17 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: Ruby and the Computer Cables

  1. I have several Administrative Assistants, Dolly, who usually sets on my papers to the left of the computer, and her sister Pinky, who supervises my work sitting on a bunch of stuff behind me and to the right. They are Siamese ragdoll mixes, so they take up quite a bit of room! Dolly likes to walk on or in front of the keyboard tray. Mom moves me to her lap, but that’s ok, too.

  2. Ruby, Steeler says for you to “Go Girl”. Your Mom should have remembered you would be hungry. The next time you do that run fast. Remember, Mom will just say OhnoRuby. Then love you a lot.
    Good job.

  3. Ruby, you couldn’t help it. You just thought that was a nice new toy for you. We think the wires behind our monitor are terrific toys and our Mom says lots of very bad words when we get back there. Maybe it would be better to walk across the keyboard to get Mom’s attention. We know how hard it is to get our Mom’s attention. We have to scream and scream. Hope you have a better day. Ruby. You sound like our kind of cat.

  4. Ruby, despite that your human feeds you every single day without fail, it is still necessary to take measures to remind her. No one can fault you for that… I know that my cats have also had to resort to drastic measures to remind me as well. It’s best we don’t talk about the damages involved – wouldn’t want to give you ideas!!

  5. “OhNoRuby!!!” lol!! That is what I was thinking too!! Actually that has a good ring to it!

    Cody does admire your determination at meal time, he wants to add this trick to his arsenal.

    Love how you and Mom see your antics differently, you as “entertaining”, Mom sees them as “disruptive”

    I guess the lesson learned for all of us who are owned by cats, when you start telling us you are hungry we need to get a move on!

    Absolutely LOVED this post!

  6. That definitely was not your fault! You took drastic action because you mom ignored you. Had she fed you on time you probably would have eaten happily and then laid down for a nap somewhere and never even hung on that cable. Sometimes we must take drastic measures to get fed on time–humans are so easily distracted by those computers!

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