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Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! It’s been too long since I last wrote on here! Things have been fairly quiet. Most of the time, when something exciting happens, it’s because Ruby gets herself in trouble. I’m beyond that kind of thing. After all, I’m a young lady now.

I’ve been spending my days following the sunny spots around the house, playing with Ruby, and of course, working. We help Mom test stuff so she can tell you about new products or treats. It’s a very important job, and we take it very seriously.

The favorite part of my day is when I snuggle with Mom. Now mind you, I’m not a lap cat. Sitting in Mom’s lap has always been too intense for me. I tried it a couple of times over the last two years, but it’s not something that comes to me naturally. I love snuggling up with Mom when we go to bed together, though. I always wedge myself right against her back, or chest, or against her legs. Usually Ruby is somewhere nearby, but I don’t mind as long as I can feel Mom right next to me.

I also like rubbing up against Mom, and rolling over for her. I stretch and stretch and wait for her to rub my belly. This is very different from when I first came here, I wouldn’t let Mom pet me and when she tried, I nipped at her. I wasn’t being mean. I’m a very sensitive girl, and sometimes, too much touching just gets to be too much. But lately, I’ve been letting Mom pet me for longer and longer periods of time, and I really like it!

Now Ruby, on the other hand, is a total lap cat. I see her in Mom’s lap all the time. It doesn’t seem to matter what Mom is doing: working, watching tv, or reading. Ruby is always in her lap. Much as I hate to admit it, I’m starting to think that maybe she knows something I don’t?

So the other night, while Mom was watching TV and Ruby was stretched out on top of Mom’s legs, I decided to try something. I very slowly and carefully climbed over Mom’s shoulder and settled myself somewhere between Mom’s lap and her chest. Ruby woke up from her nap and gave me the stink eye and started to growl. I was ready to jump off, but Mom very quietly said “shush, Ruby, ” and Ruby actually listened, and stopped growling. I repositioned myself on Mom’s lap, and Ruby’s and my backs were touching! Then Ruby started her low growl again, and the whole thing got to be too much for me, so I took off. But for a little while, both of us were sitting on top of Mom. It was – well, it was interesting. I could tell that Mom really liked it.

Later that evening I decided to try the lap thing again. Ruby was downstairs doing who knows what. Mom was still watching tv. I jumped on her lap, and settled myself. It felt really nice! I could tell that Mom was really happy to have me there. I could have stayed there for a long time!

Of course, Ruby had to mess it up. When she came back upstairs and saw me in Mom’s lap, she had to come over, and I could tell she wanted to be in Mom’s lap, too. In all fairness to her, now that I know how nice it feels, I can’t say that I blame her. She jumped up and tried to sit down next to me. That was too much – I nipped at her, she let out a squeak (oh please – she’s such a drama queen!) and we both took off.

But the feeling of being in Mom’s lap was so nice, and I just had to try again. The following night, I did. And once again, Ruby tried to join us. This time, Mom was quick and grabbed her before she got too close to me. Mom cuddled Ruby against her chest, and I stayed in Mom’s lap. We all stayed like that for a few minutes, then Ruby got restless and took off. But I stayed in  Mom’s lap. For almost an hour. And it felt wonderful!

I think Ruby and I need to have a little chat. There’s got to be a way we can work this out so both of us can enjoy Mom’s lap together. But in the meantime, I’m going to make sure Ruby doesn’t hog Mom’s lap all the time and that I get some more lap time by myself!

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  1. Hi Allegra-

    I’m mew here. My bio mom was feral. Maybe that’s why it took me so long (1 and a half years) to see how great laps (and chests) are. I just started usin’ them 2 months or so ago and now I try to use a lap to lay on most of the time. My human moms are having a hard time peeling me off of them! Keep tryin’ your mom’s lap, I bet it will grow on you, like it did on me.

    Dusty Squirrel-Tail
    one of the Parnell Cats

    • That’s wonderful that you became a lap kitty, Dusty, even if it took a while. Allegra still doesn’t like laps all that much, but she’s become quite the in bed snuggler.

  2. Allegra, I was shy about laps at first too and thought I’d never in my lifetime even touch a human, but after watching all my other rescued brothers and sisters I decided, as you did, that they might have something in this lap thing. The other tortie, Cookie, was on mom’s lap all the time, and my soul-sister, Moses the silver tabby who had been feral, even sat on mom’s lap once or twice when she was twelve and said it was fine, but preferred the beds mom kept wherever she was. I started out by gently stepping onto my mom’s lap, then running off. Slowly I grew accustomed to lap time, and now I share mom’s lap with Cookie all the time, as you’ll soon see if mom ever posts the new photo of us. Don’t let it take twelve years like it did for me and Moses! You’re missing out on a good thing! ~Kelly

    (Actually, she would run across my desk, across my lap, across the rest of my desk, then run somewhere else. Now she digs a bed into my lap and turns around about 37 times and has a bath before she settles down. I couldn’t be happier, even with three cats piled up on my lap.)

  3. Hi Allegra,

    I look forward to your, and Ruby’s, blogs very much. I have only been a cat mom for a year and I have learned a lot from you and your mom. I have three cats, two girls and one boy. The youngest one is six months old. She was born to a feral mother in my back yard. When I first brought her into the house, at about 5 weeks, she was very afraid and she would not even let me touch her. Now she sleeps in my lap (with her older sister) all day when I work from home and curls up by my legs at night to sleep. It is a wonderful feeling. Don’t let Ruby chase you out of your mom’s lap. I think that she will learn to share.

    Have a great day!

  4. Hi Allegra! I was happy to read your blog today. I’m glad you’re realizing how cool it is to be a lap cat! I pretty much trade off on both my Mom & Dad’s laps so they can both enjoy me. Mom says my purrs relax her. Sometimes if I’m really lucky and they have the iPad when I bounce on them I get to play the Mouse game on it.
    Have a great day and say hi to Ruby!

  5. It is so interesting to me as to what makes the cat brain click. Like my Maggie cat all of sudden decides it is all right for me to pat her. And maybe it does have something to do with seeing it being done by another cat. But it sure is nice when it happens.
    Allegra, keep up that lap sitting. Ruby will get used to it.

  6. Allegre-you both love your mama-you are a real sweetheart-I see that Ruby keeps you on your toes at all times. We are not lap cats either-although we will snuggle up at night, rub up against our mama and always be next to her.

    • It was the best feeling, Manny and Spunky Doodle, and I hope that Allegra and Ruby will eventually get more and more comfortable with sharing my lap!

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