We had a lot of excitement here on Thursday! It all started with dinner. In addition to our usual food, there was something different in our dishes, and it was yummilicious!

Mom said it was cut up turkey. Mom doesn’t eat meat, something no self-respecting cat understands, but I love her anyway. But apparently, she went to have dinner with friends who did eat meat that day, and one of them was kind enough to send a small piece home with Mom to give to us. We love Mom’s friends!

After dinner, Allegra and I got ready to settle in for our post dinner naps when we heard a lot of commotion downstairs, so of course, we had to go check things out. Mom was pulling boxes out of the closet, and taking all kinds of interesting things out of the boxes. I asked Allegra what was going on? Allegra said she wasn’t sure, but she thought she remembered this same thing happening this time last year.

It got even more exciting. Mom moved some furniture around in our living room, and then she lugged a really big box upstairs. I got a little scared, the box was so big! But Allegra said there was nothing to worry about, and wait ’til I saw what was in that box. I watched, but from a good distance. I wasn’t sure about any of this. I like my house the way it is.

Next thing I know, there’s a tree in our living room! It’s on a little table with a very cool tent underneath. Now wasn’t that nice of Mom to set up such a fun toy for us. I immediately went over and checked it out.

cat with christmas tree

But it looked like Mom wasn’t done yet. She took some odd-looking, snake-like things out of a box, and draped them all over the tree. Then, all of a sudden, little white lights came on all over the tree! It was like magic! Sparkly!

And then Mom brought even more boxes upstairs! She started hanging what looked like lots of little cat toys on the tree. How thoughtful of her! I ran to get Allegra to show her. Allegra and I checked everything out. Allegra said that those weren’t toys. In fact, she said Mom doesn’t want us to play with them at all, they’re just to look at. I don’t believe her – we’ll just have to see about that! I tried to help Mom hang the toys on the tree, but she said she’d be fine without my help.

cats with christmas ornaments

Since Mom didn’t want any help, Allegra and I played a game of hide-and-seek underneath the tent.  That was way fun!

Later that evening, Mom turned out all the lights in the living room. The tree looked so pretty, with all the dangly cat toys, and the bright little lights. I jumped up on Mom’s lap and we both sat and watched the tree for a while. Then I got bored, and went in search of Allegra to see if she wanted to play some more hide-and-seek.


I just know that I’m going to have lots of fun with this tree!

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  1. Sending loving thoughts, prayers and hugs to you during this Christmas season. I know you miss Ruby very much and it is difficult to not have this precious little one with you. I pray that you find comfort in knowing that you gave her a wonderful life full of love and joy.

  2. Hi Ruby! Your Mom did a great job on your tree, it’s just beautiful. You & Allegra can have lots of fun playing under the tent thing! My parents won’t put up my tree for another two weeks. We get a real one and they don’t want it to get dry before Chrismas. I always have fun with the tree when it finally arrives. Mom puts a blanket under it and I like to lay on that. She and Dad decorate the bottom half with cat toys that are safe for me to play with and bat at. I hate it when the present boxes start taking up too much room though!!
    Have a great day and enjoy your first tree! Say hi to Allegra!
    Love, your friend Montana

  3. Oh yes Ruby, there are lots of goodies you can knock right off that beautiful tree. That is one reason, we are not having a tree. Mahoney and Maggie would have it naked in a skinny minute. But that is a beautiful tree. Take care.

  4. Ruby that WAS lovely of your Mom to set up such a GORGEOUS “cat toy” for you and Allegra!!! But remember, you must be gentle with it!

    So glad you got to enjoy some turkey! Cody is quite jealous since he can only eat rabbit 🙁

  5. This is Cami’s first Christmas too and the first thing that fascinated her was the lights cord from the tree. I wrapped it in foil and now she doesn’t mess with it. I was carefull not to hang any ornaments on the lowest branches, but she has still swatted at a couple of them. She mostly likes to lay on the red blanket I draped around the tree base. So far she’s been pretty good, but there are still plenty of days before Christmas…

  6. Ingrid, you tree is beautiful. Allegre and Ruby I am sure Mama does not want you touching the toys on the tree. My favourite is when they hide behind the tree and you cannot find them.

  7. Oh Ruby – take it from an older, wiser friend, play around the tree, under the tree, near the tree but not ON or UP IN the tree!! I guarantee your Mom will be a lot happier if you just enjoy it from a distance (or preferably her lap). That tent under the tree is way cool……our tree is on the carpet so nothing for me to play under BUT I do like to lie under the tree (that is until all the boxes are stuffed under there by Mom!!).

    I love your tree though with all the cat ornaments. Next week after our tree is up I’ll make sure Mom posts a picture of it on my blog. ‘Tis the season for sharing!!


    • We can’t wait to see your tree, Sammy! I’ve given up on putting presents under the tree. Last year, Allegra tried to chew all the edges of the boxes. I’m not even going to tempt fate with Ruby. Ribbons and bows are also a thing of the past at our house.

  8. Hi Ruby! Can I ask you for some advice?

    How are you and Allegra able to resist the cat toys on the tree? I have never been able to. I see all those dangly things and I have to attack! I hurl myself at the tree and then it’s time to wrestle! The moment my mom sees me chewing on the lights, it’s all over. She puts the tree in our bathroom because that’s the only door I can’t open.

    So, do you have any tips on how to control yourself in the presence of such overwhelming temptation?

    Happy Holidays,
    Marble (and Junior Mint)

    • Dear Marble and Junior Mint,

      so far, we prefer our other toys to the ones on the tree. We also don’t want to upset Mom, and she seems to really like her tree and the toys on it. We figure it’s only fair that she can have some toys that are just for her, since every other toy in the house belongs to us! But the tree only just went up a few days ago….

      We think it’s really sneaky of your mom to hide your tree in the bathroom and lock you out. You can probably use this to your advantage. Humans don’t handle something they call “guilt” very well. Sit in front of the bathroom door, make sad faces, cry. Do whatever it takes to make your mom feel that “guilt” feeling. Usually, humans will break out the treats when they feel guilty about ruining our fun.

      Good luck, and Happy Holidays to you!

      Ruby and Allegra

  9. Oh I loved your post, Ruby! The house sure looks VERY interesting for a kitty this time of year! I’m sure your Mom will know how to explain you that those lovely cat toys hanging on the tree are to look at and not play with — something very odd, I know, but we humans can be a little bit funny, you know… 🙂
    And that turkey you had on Thursday sounds delicious for you kitties! What a treat! By the way, I don’t eat meat either… like your Mom.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!
    Love and purrs from the Alps

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