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The last time my dad was here for a visit twelve years ago, he built a birdfeeder for me. I put it on my deck, right in front of the sliding glass doors, every November through March, and all of my cats have enjoyed the “kitty tv” it provides. Last year was Allegra’s first year with the birdfeeder, and this year, it’s Ruby’s. They’ve both been having a great time watching the birds, and occasional squirrel.

Allegra and Ruby have been having a great time with the feeder so far. But why don’t I let them tell you in their own words.

Ruby: Allegra, what is Mom doing out there?

Allegra: She’s putting up a birdfeeder.

Ruby: What’s that?

Allegra: It looks like a little house. Mom puts food in there for the birds. You’ll love it. The birds come and we can watch them – it’s way cool, because they’ll be really close to us!

homemade birdfeeder

Ruby: Allegra, look! It’s a little red bird. It matches the color of the house’s roof!

Allegra: I see it, Ruby. Mom says the red birds are called Cardinals.

Ruby: Whatever. I want to eat it!

Allegra: Silly kitten. You can’t catch it. Just enjoy watching it. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to have to be out there and have to hunt your own breakfast and dinner.

Ruby: But wouldn’t it be fun, Allegra?

Allegra: Maybe once or twice. But I really prefer having my dinner in a bowl, all nice and ready to eat.

Ruby: Allegra, come quick! There’s a big grey fluffy thing out there! OMC, it’s so big!

Allegra: That’s a squirrel, Ruby.

Ruby: I think he wants to play. Look, he’s putting his nose right up against the glass! I’m going to growl at him!

Allegra: Ooh Ruby – I think you scared him! Look at him take off. He’s fast! I don’t think we could catch him even if we were out there.

Ruby: What is that black thing? Is that a bird? It’s bigger than I am!

Allegra: I don’t know, Ruby – I’ve never seen a bird this big, and I’ve seen a lot of things in my life. I think we better get Mom.

What they saw were two big black crows that have been coming to the feeder ever since I put some stale walnuts out there. I think they keep hoping for more. Both of the girls were transfixed when these two big birds descended on the feeder.

Allegra: Aren’t you glad now that we’re inside, where it’s safe?

Ruby: I am. Mom would never let anything bad happen to us.

Ruby: This was exhausting. I need to take a nap now. I bet I can catch one of those big black birds in my dream.

I captured a very lazy Ruby watching a bird outside the window in this video. Do you think that she was imagining what that birdie might taste like in the final frame?

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7 Comments on Allegra, Ruby and the Birdfeeder

  1. Ruby, I just want to come over and kiss that belly. We love watching the crows-even though they look huge, Magellan loves the squirrels. I am happy to just sit and watch the leaves falling.

  2. Oh that bird feeder is so great, you are sure enjoying it a lot, Ruby and Allegra!
    Have fun, sweet girls!!! I LOVED Ruby’s video!!!!! Such a beautiful girl! 🙂

  3. Hi Girls! I enjoyed your blog this morning and the pictures your Mom posted of you two are beautiful!I hope you keep enjoying your bird feeder and all of the lovely birds and squirrels! We put up a feeder for Montana last year and he will sit for hours watching the birds from our french doors. He has a cat tree right there so he hops up to view all their activities. Unfortunately we don’t have squirrels where we live so he hasn’t seen one of those!


  4. HI there Ruby. Don’t tell Allegra we said this, but we think you are pretty darn cute. You do love to have a good time. We loved your chirping at the birds on the video. You are also so pretty. Hope all of you have a super week end.

  5. yep she sure is and she thinks it would be ‘lip smacking good!”

    Adorable feeder!

    My Angel Bobo used to adore watching the birds and squirrels in my old apt in Cleveland. It was on first floor and was perfect for bird and squirrel TV.

    We are on 2nd floor now and it is harder for Cody. I used to feed the birds/squirrels by throwing nuts every day…well they moved into the attic in our apt/condo building and the tenants and management were quite upset with me. Now I only occasionally feed the birds/squirrels and I miss that very much!

  6. Good Morning Girls! I love watching our birdfeeders too – if I sit on top of the couch in the family room I can see them just fine. Sometimes the BIG BLACK birds come and chase all the little birds away. I don’t like them! I can see squirrels out there too and while they do come up on our deck to sit on our railing, so far they haven’t tried eating it! You girls have fun watching all the activity – that’s a NICE birdfeeder your Mom’s Dad made for her!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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