Where is this Santa dude Mom has been telling us about? 


This was Ruby’s first Christmas at our house. After the last three years of bittersweet Christmases, I was looking forward to a happy Christmas and to making new memories. As you’ll see in the photos below, the girls had a great time. I was too busy enjoying watching them to take a lot of pictures, but I’ll share the ones I have!

We opened our presents on Christmas Eve. But first, Allegra and Ruby got a little taste of eggnogg.


Then I got all our presents out of the closet. I didn’t think it was a good idea to keep them under the tree throughout the season, and the fact that Allegra almost immediately went to work chewing on ribbons and bows proved me right!


It was getting too challenging to keep an eye on both of them and open presents at the same time. A Christmas Eve trip to the emergency clinic was most definitely not part of my Christmas plans, so the first thing I did was take all the ribbons and bows off all the presents. Then we took our time opening presents. I think the girls enjoyed the paper and boxes far more than the actual presents.

We saved opening the Christmas stockings for last.


The girls spent the rest of the evening batting their new toys around when they weren’t chasing each other in and out of the “tent” underneath the Christmas tree.

Christmas morning started with a special breakfast for the girls, and then they went off to play with their new toys. Here’s some video of them playing with a new interactive toy. Allegra and Ruby took matters into their own paws and ripped the toy out of my hand. Apparently, in their minds, I wasn’t doing it right. Don’t try this at home – this is not how interactive toys are supposed to be used!


My favorite Christmas moment: Allegra graced me with some lap time late Christmas Eve, just before we went to bed. Since she still doesn’t sit in my lap very often, it felt like a very special dose of Christmas magic.

Did you have a good Christmas? Share some of your favorite moments in a comment!

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  1. I have not really been keeping up with all that is going on. I laughed at that interactive toy deal. That is definitely interactive toy style, Tortie style. Love the action of “hey, slap, slap”. Very nice.

    • Whatever gave you that idea, Layla ;-)? With the exception of the Christmas tree, there’s not much in this house that’s off limits to the girls.

      I can’t wait to read about your Christmas suprise tomorrow. I hope it is what I think it is.

  2. Fantastic Four: Hey, how can we get our mom to put up one of those tree things? They look like fun! She could move some of this old boring stuff out of here and we could keep it up all the time!

    Cookie and Kelly: Glad our tortie cousins had a wonderful Christmas, and we hope you have as many Christmases with your mom as we have!

  3. 🙂
    Lovely photos and vid, the three felines at home play with all the bows they can put their paws on… I also take all ribbon out of their way as soon as possible.
    We had roasted pork for Christmas dinner, the three boys at home haven’t had that before and loved it, they couldn’t have enough and the two big ones are generally picky eaters. All the family was amazed at how they asked for more and more. As part of their diet they have some bits and pieces of the food for the humans, small helpings you would say, but roasted pork was a delicious discovery they made.

  4. Awww this just got my day off to a great start!!! Your girls looked like the perfect ladies, (until the end of the video!!! lol)

    I am so happy you had a wonderful Christmas!

    My favorite Chanukah moment actually came BEFORE Chanukah when I presented Cody with an amazing cat tower. I had wanted to get Bobo one for YEARS but could never afford it…I also wanted to get Cody one for the past 4 years. When I did the write-up about Kitty City, Addy Shattuck gave me an amazing discount on a cat tower that I had my eye on there. Her son even delivered it to me!

    Cody usually takes FOREVER to play with anything new, not this tower. He claimed it immediately and every day that I see him surveying his domain from the upper perch makes my heart smile because I KNOW I got him the purrfect gift!

  5. What great photos and video of the girls having fun with their Christmas goodies! Sam posted some pictures of his “stuff” yesterday and today we all hope to rest up from all the excitement. Sam’s favorite thing was – as always – the boxes and tissue. He ignored anything catnip-related but did like one little white mouse on an elastic string best of all.

    Happy Resting Up Day Ingrid!
    Pam (and Sam)

  6. Looks like you two had a wonderful Christmas. Nothing like a good whapping on the tree. Love the picture of the two of them around the tree. We spent Christmas morning at the emergency vet so it was our turn this year.BB has something wrong with her mouth and can’t eat and I can’t give her lasix because it hurts her. Fun day. But the pain meds sure do help her.
    Have a great week.

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