Happy Valentine’s Day
Love and Purrs,
Allegra, Ruby and Ingrid

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14 Comments on Happy Valentine’s Day 2012

  1. Hi Ruby and Allegra!!!


    Mom and Dad just got home from visiting family in Florida today but Mom wanted to be SURE that I got a chance to wish the most beautiful girls EVER a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!!

    Much Love from Cody!

  2. This is my sister Oreo and my ( my name is Stella) first Valentine with our “mom”. She gave us Yogurt and special cat milk this morning with our breakfast and she said she is going to give us extra of love and attention because she loves us so much. We wish every a happy Valentines Day… we are!!!

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too Miss Ingrid, Ruby and Allegra! I gave my parents Valentine’s Day cards this morning and for the rest of the day, Mom is going to let me follow her around and hop up in her lap every time she sits down! Woweeee……MY kind of celebration!

    Kitty Hugs,

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day to Ingrid, Allegra & Ruby! We are celebrating the day in our household with special treats. Poached chicken for my cats and red velvet cupcakes my my husband and me. I am working at home today so will have lots of time for my cats–my favorite way to spend the day!

  5. Happy Valentine’s day to you two too and to your great human too. You look so pretty in all those hearts. Big hugs to all of you.

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