Hey guys! I’m famous! I made an appearance in Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy’s most recent newsletter!

I encourage you to read the entire issue of Jackson Galaxy, The Cat Daddy, and if you’re not already a subscriber, you should subscribe! In addition to my adorable self, you’ll also find Jackson’s position on declawing, which I applaud wholeheartedly, helpful hints on reintroductions, information about his upcoming book, and some really cool toys!

And if any of you are wondering about the cool blue and white cat next to me, the artist is Austrian born Rosina Wachtmeister, who now lives in Italy with a large assortment of critters, including 20 cats. Furthermore, in case you’re wondering why Mom isn’t worried about Allegra and me knocking that cat off the shelf, Mom says it’s anchored with something called museum putty. I say that stuff should be called kitty fun spoiler!

Photo ©Ingrid King

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