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Hi, everyone, it’s Ruby! I had to wait until Mom left for a little while to get on the computer. She told Allegra and me that we couldn’t write anything until after our big blog anniversary next week, because she doesn’t trust us not to spoil the surprises she has planned. But it’s just so exciting, you have no idea! It’s so hard to keep quiet!

Allegra: Ruby! Get away from the computer. You know Mom made us promise not to say anything to anyone!

Ruby: I’m not saying anything. I’m just typing away on this keyboard…

Allegra: Come on Ruby, you know better than that. Everything we write on here is read by thousands of people.

Ruby: Really? That many?

Allegra: Yes, Ruby. That many.

Ruby: Well, then there’s going to be a lot of very excited people next week, right, Allegra? Because once they see – Ouch! Allegra! That hurt!

Allegra: How many times do I have to tell you that you can’t spoil Mom’s surprise?

Ruby: But Allegra! Can’t I at least give them a tiny little hint? Like maybe that the surprise involves something Mom is going to give away? And that it involves us?

Allegra: Ruby, no! That’s enough! Do I have to bop you on the head again?

Ruby: And that it’s cute? And blue? And that all the kitties out there are going to love it? And that….ouwee! You’re so mean, Allegra!

Allegra: I’m going to tell Mom. She’s going to put you on computer restriction for sure.

Ruby: No she won’t. My cuteness always gets me out of…. Oh, hi Mom!

Ingrid: Girls? What are you both doing on my desk?

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  1. Allegre and Ruby I could eat both of you up you are so darling-let me guess the big surprise is you are going to cuddle up together for mamma.

  2. ooh.. a give away that involves you two and something blue.. would that something blue be a carrier and you are going to go off and visit who ever wins?? is so sign me up!!


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