The Conscious Cat new look

We promised you surprises for this anniversary week, and here’s our first one: The Conscious Cat has a new look!

We  have a beautiful new header, changed the layout a bit to make reading easier, and brightened everything up.

Let us know how you like our shiny new look!

And stay tuned for our big anniversary surprise tomorrow morning…

We’d like to give a huge thank you to our fabulous web designer, Jared Bronz of Sysgen Media, for creating this new look. Sysgen Media is also our webhost and does all the technical things on this site that are beyond my capabilities. We couldn’t ask for a better company to do this for us.

4 Comments on The Conscious Cat has an updated look!

  1. I think it’s much better with the lighter colors, and I like the new sidebar/column layout. With the lighter color scheme, it feels more upbeat even when laying eyes on it for the first time. And yeah, I can’t wait to see what it looks like with the book issue corrected (I’m on Safari 5.1.2/ Mac OS 10.6.8 — this info might be helpful for your web developer.)

  2. I like it very much but the book at the top is quite large and blurry…unless that is just how it is coming through on my computer.

    I think something might be wrong with it…your kitties at the top look great….but the book cover seems way too large.

    I loved the other set up as well…this is great except for that issue.

    • Caren, that’s a glitch in some browsers my designer is still working on – unfortunately, it didn’t happen until the site had already gone live. I’m glad you like everything else!

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