Hi, everyone! It’s Ruby! Mom says I have a “propensity to get myself in trouble.” I think that’s human speak for “I know how to have fun!”

The other day, I was helping Mom clean the house. I like almost everything about that, except for when Mom brings out the big scary monster. It’s this big blue thing with a long tail, and it makes this really scary noise. And it moves all over the house, and eats stuff that is in its path. I hide all the way in the corner of the living room behind an end table when the monster is running free, because I know it can’t get back there. I don’t know why Allegra isn’t afraid of that thing – she actually follows it around the house!

Other than the monster, though, helping  Mom clean is great fun. Allegra and I both like to bat at the lambswool duster. It’s like a big fuzzy toy, and we like to try and subdue it! I think Mom likes when we help her, because she always praises us, and we even get treats after the big monster goes away.

But the other day, I guess I did something Mom wasn’t thrilled with. She had sprayed something on a small stain on the carpet, and then turned away to grab a paper towel. I immediately went to investigate. There was some white bubbly stuff there that looked very interesting. I cautiously stuck my paw in it. Next thing I know, I hear Mom scream “Ruby, no!”

What did I do? I was just helping Mom! Mom grabbed me and then she did something she’s never done before: she stuck my entire paw under the running faucet! I didn’t like that at all, and I let Mom know it! I screamed and wiggled. She has a big scratch across her belly from where my legs tried to get purchase to get away from her!

But Mom held on to me for a few seconds more before she let me go. Yuck! My paw was soaking wet! I shook it a few times, and then Mom came after me again, this time with a towel in her hand. I ran from her. At that moment, I didn’t trust her at all! What if she was going to hold all of me under that faucet? I don’t think so! But when Mom said that she just wanted to dry off my paw, I let her catch me. She gently dried off my paw, and gave me lots of kisses for good measure.

She explained to me that she had been a bad Mom because she should never have taken her eyes off that cleaner while it was bubbling on top of the stain. Even though the stain remover she used is labeled safe for pets, she said she wasn’t going to take any chances, because even the natural cleaners she uses can still have small amounts of harmful chemicals in them. That’s why she rinsed my paw as soon as she saw me step in that stuff. She didn’t want me to start cleaning it off myself and get the stuff into my tummy.

Even though I hated getting my paw wet, I love that Mom always makes sure that I’m safe.

She says to tell you that it’s important to use products around us cats that are safe, because even stepping in the residue from clenaing products can be very bad for us. Mom says you should read Cat-Friendly Cleaning Tips for more information on what is safe to use around us.

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13 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: House Cleaning

  1. it is amazing what our 4 legged kids can get into. my dogs hate the vac as well, they hate the broom, anything that has to do with cleaning. my late dog would help me in the garden, i would dig and plant, she would dig up what i planted. she thought she was helping. i use cleaning and other things that are supposed to be safe around pets, but i always play on the side of caution.

  2. Thanks for sharing that memory. Our kitties are terrified of the Vacuum Monster and hide under the bed until Mom stops it! Working with various cleaners is scary. I would like to spray the shower with Clorox Cleanup and let it sit before I scrub it but it’s impossible to keep one of my kitties out of the bathroom. She knows that all she has to do is push on the bathroom door and it will open so she can “investigate” that stinky stuff that Mom just sprayed. Now, I have to find a way to keep the door shut with string while I’m cleaning. Hubby could fix the door so they can’t push their way in but I want it left the way it is so they can find a place to hide in case we get a thunderstorm at night. Ah, kitties! Love them!

  3. It is such a good idea to note all the wonderful things our beautiful cats do! I like to take videos if I can, but it does not replace the joy of cuddling our beautiful friends.

    It is not just cleaning products, I was horrified to see I had dropped one of my medications on the floor and not noticed. Luckily no-one was interested, but you can’t be too careful!

    Beautiful photo of Ruby!

  4. You actually have a very good Mom there, Ruby! Using pet-safe products and then making sure you don’t ingest any when that paw went in there – that’s very responsible. Cats are fast and curious, so stepping in something you shouldn’t, that can happen to just about any cat, no matter how responsible the owner.

  5. Oh Ruby!! You poor baby and poor Mom! I am glad that you realized that your Mom was just trying to keep you safe. She didn’t mean to scare you. She was afraid you would lick your paw and get sick.

    I am glad that your Mom posted about safety with cleaning products and cats, that is super impawtant!

  6. Hi Ruby, I’m lil’ Rikki and I’d be all over that foam. As my mom tells me before she goes to work ” stay out of trouble..I love you”.

  7. Ruby, we like to have fun just like you do. We probably would have put our paw in that foaming stuff too. Glad Mom got it all washed off. Hope you have lots of fun today. Take care.

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