Today is my first adoption anniversary! I’ve been here with my Mom and sister Allegra a whole year!

I had no idea what to expect when Mom picked me up at my foster home. But look how happy Mom was that day! Even though I was really nervous about what was happening, her happy energy made me feel good.

Ingrid with Ruby

I know my new sister wasn’t too crazy about me when I first arrived. Mom broke all the rules of proper cat to cat introductions, and just let me out of the carrier when we arrived at my new home. I immediately started exploring. Allegra hissed and growled if I came too close to her. I didn’t care. There was so much to see! Windows to look out! And something I’d never seen before: stairs! I almost tumbled down the first time I checked them out, but I quickly got the hang of it. And then I discovered what surely had to be paradise: a giant room filled with cat trees, scratching posts, and toys everywhere! I had so much fun investigating and playing – wee!

Ruby with her toys

Look how tiny I was! Allegra watched me from a distance. After a while, I realized that she wasn’t hissing and growling at me. She was mad at Mom! I could tell Allegra really wanted to get in on the fun, but she held back. Eventually, she decided that being mad at Mom was boring, and she started to play with me. Well, mostly she chased me, but it was fun!

Ruby and Allegra first day

After a few hours, we were both exhausted. Much to Mom’s delight, we both found spots in the living room and settled in for a nice long nap.

Ruby and Allegra living room

I’m so glad Mom followed her intuition and didn’t play by the rules, because Allegra and I got to be good friends within just a few days. It’s awesome to have such a cool big sister to show me the ropes. I just wish she’d stop treating me like a baby; after all, I’ve been here a whole year and I’m a big girl now! She says I get myself in too much trouble if she doesn’t watch out for me. Whatever!

Mom said  today is my special day, and we’ll be celebrating all day long. I’m the luckiest cat in the whole wide world! I love my life!

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  1. muffin: when we first came to live with mommy I was 7 months old and tea was 3 months old.
    tea:we had so much fun with mommy!we had a 5 foot tall kitty tree!
    muffin: and delicious kitten treats.
    tea: I was so surprised by all the toys! my favorite one was a mouse attached to a wand with a bell and feather.
    muffin:my favorite toy was a little plastic toy with a bell inside. I batted it around the room and then threw it up in the air with my paws to hear the bell!
    tea: and mommy makes us these homemade fishy treats with tuna bits and chicken broth.
    muffin: now i an 9 months old and tea is 5 months old.
    tea: I am a big kitten!
    (by the way. tell allegra and ruby we said hi!)

  2. Ingrid — Ruby and Allegra look like a wonderful pair of sisters. Has your dear Amber, Buckley’s beloved sister, also departed? Enjoy lots of love and purrs with these two.


    • They do look like sisters, don’t they, Susan? And they act like it, too. Sadly, Amber passed away after a brief sudden illness two years ago.

  3. Happy Adoption Day!!! Hope you have an awesome, special day and that your mom and allegra spoil you rotten with lots of toys, treats, and attention!

    Purrs and kitty hugs
    Zorro, Indy, Jack, and Sabrina
    (and their human Jillian)

  4. Oh Ruby I tried all day to post a HAPPY ADOPTAVERSARY message to you here and couldn’t for some reason!!! But today – no problem. I do hope you had an extra special day and that your Mom Miss Ingrid and your big sister Allegra spoiled you rotten for the occasion…….

    Kitty Hugs

  5. Ruby, just from the pictures, it’s easy to see that your home is one that’s filled with love between you and your Mom, and between you and Allegra.

    So wonderful!

  6. Happy anniversary, Ruby! I’m so glad your Mom broke all those rules, so you and Allegra could become friends right away.

    Hugs and purrs from me and the kitties!

    Chris, Molly & Star

  7. Wow, Ruby you were so tiny! You’ve come a long way in a year. Happy anniversary! P.S. Rules were made to be broken. Purrs from our boys for a lovely day! Allegra, you are lucky to have the best sister and Ingrid, you’re lucky to have the two best tortie girls in the world!

  8. Ruby, I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since Ingrid took you home, it feels like you were our foster cat just last week! We love reading your reflections, and look forward to many more adventures.

  9. Congrats Ruby!

    My mom did the same thing with me. My big sis Lucy growled and hissed for two days then she gave me a special bath and all was good with the world.

    Enjoy your day


  10. HAPPY ADOPTION DAY RUBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE that your Mom broke all of the rules of cat-to-cat introduction! That is what my Mom did when she brought my woofy brother home! She said the heck with the rules! They are gonna get along and we do!!!!

    Your Mom has wonderful instincts!
    BTW…she also has cool taste in chairs lol, LOVE that lavender chair!!


  11. Oh Ruby, enjoy your special day!!!!
    I’m so happy for you and your Mom, you are indeed a lucky girl — and your Mom is lucky too to have found you! Have a great day, Ruby, Allegra and Ingrid!

  12. That is a lovely story, and to introduce 2 cats that quick is something else.
    Happy adoption anniversary Ruby, purrssssssss from Benji

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