Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Wishing you purrs,
Allegra, Ruby and Ingrid

If you’re fortunate enough to still have your mother in your life, be sure to tell her that you love her today and every day. My mom passed away 18 years ago, and I still miss her. Even after all these years, I still feel a pang when I see Mother’s Day cards appear in stores.

Even though we never had cats when I was growing up, my mom was a cat lover. The apartment building we lived in did not allow pets, but luckily, whenever we went on vacation, somehow, every bed-and-breakfasts or rented vacation condo we stayed at would always have a resident cat or two, or there would be a number of stray cats hanging around the property. My mom and I both loved spending time with those cats.

The only one of my cats my mom ever met was Feebee. While my parents were still healthy enough to travel, they would make the trip from Germany to the US once a year. The photo below was taken during their first visit, when Feebee was about a year old. You can see that it didn’t take him long to wrap my mom around his little paws. She adored him, and at the end of each visit, most of the photos she took were of Feebee rather than the many famous tourist sights around the Washington, DC area.

Mom and Feebee

I have a lot of photos of my mom, and I’m not sure she’d be all that happy with me sharing this particular one, but of all the photos I have, this slightly blurry one, caught in a moment when she thought noone was paying attention, is one of my favorites.

Whether you’re the mom of human or feline children, enjoy your special day!

Sunday Purrs will return next week.

Photo: istockphoto

29 Comments on Happy Mother’s Day 2012

      • It was lovely in a pretty hetic way… and whe I took a moment to rest and decided to lie down for a few minutes, suddenly the three feline boys in my life came to bed with me. It was such a pleasure to relax there in good company.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Mom with us.

    I don’t think she would have minded your sharing this one bit. Her kindness just radiates from this photo. The way she is looking at Feebee and the way that Feebee is looking at her.

    It speaks volumes.

    Happy, Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to all Mommies out there!!!!!!

    What a sweet and touching post, Ingrid, I’m sure your Mom is smiling! I love her photo with Feebee, and how she taught you love for these special creatures! Have a wonderful day with your girls!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Ingrid. Today is my first mother’s day without my Mom, who past away last August. She loved my cats and always had treats for them in her purse whenever she came to visit. I learned about the treats one day when I saw my cats George and Billy sticking their heads in her bag. She always thought I was “stingy” with treats. I think I’ll give my boys some treats today from Grandma.

    Wishing you and the girls a happy Mother’s Day!

    Deborah Julian

    • I know it is difficult. Like was said first Mother’s Day without your Mom….PAINFUL!!!!

      It has been 10 years since my mom passed and since also I was able to celebrate Mother’s Day with her. She died in November. My thoughts go out to you.

  4. Happy Mother’s day to you too Ingrid. Tell those girls that they have to give you some extra purrs today. Have a good one.

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