I spent the last three days in Salt Lake City, Utah with about 400 of my fellow pet bloggers at BlogPaws 2012. This was my second BlogPaws experience, and it was even better than last year’s conference in Tysons Corner, VA. From attending top-notch presentations by blogging and social media experts to networking with other bloggers, the weekend was a blur of learning, networking, and socializing.

But as was the case last year, the highlight of the conference for me was connecting and reconnecting with so  many of my blogging friends, including Robin Olson of Covered in Cat Hair, Stephanie Harwin of Catsparella, Joanne McGonagle of The Tiniest Tiger Conservation Cub Club, Tamar Arslanian of I Have Cat, Angie Bailey of Catladyland, Deb Barnes of The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey, Janea Kelley of Paws and Effect, Janiss Garza of  Sparkle Cat, Karen Nichols of Mousebreath, Debbie Glovatsky of Glogirly and so many others. I was especially delighted to finally get to meet Peter Wolf of Vox Felina.


For me, the best part of this year’s BlogPaws was the Catification Lounge, brought to us by Miss Moderncat Kate Benjamin and Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy, who was represented by Jill Delzer, Production Assistant at Spirit Essences and owner of Ally McPets, a professional pet sitting service in Redondo Beach, CA. That’s Kate and Jill with me in the photo above.

Picture an entire hotel ballroom full of cat furniture, cat toys, and other cat paraphernalia – the definition of paradise for cat lovers. Not surprisingly, my fellow cat bloggers and I gravitated toward the lounge throughout the conference, and you could often find a group of us soaking up all the good cat mojo in the lounge.


On Friday night, Kate hosted a reception in the Catification Lounge, and attendees could enter a drawing to win one of the many fantastic items shown, like the cat tower in the photo above with Peter Wolf and Robin Olson. Everything on display was given away to some very happy winners. I know that Allegra and Ruby will love their Moderncat Scratch Tower – I had to have it shipped because it definitely wouldn’t have fit into my suitcase!

Another highlight of this year’s conference was a completely unexpected one. I got to meet the very special little cat I’m holding in the photo at the top of this post. Moki is a special needs kitty who acts as a public spokes cat and advocate for disabled animals. You may have seen Moki on an episode of Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats.  I’ll be writing more about Moki soon.

I had an absolutely amazing time, and I can’t wait for BlogPaws 2013, which will take place in Tysons Corner, VA May 16-18.

cat_with_ suitcase

Allegra and Ruby are happy to have me back home. As you can see in the photo above, Allegra made sure I unpacked right away and put the evil suitcases away.

25 Comments on BlogPaws 2012: Catification, cat bloggers and one very special cat

  1. Thanks for this. I’m pretty new to cat blogging and wanted to go to Blogpaws – just couldn’t make it. I’m hoping to go in 2013. I’m trying to read a lot of reports of what went on. Moki is adorable!

    • It was so great to finally get to meet you in person, Jill – I so enjoyed spending time together. I can’t wait until next year, either, but hopefully it won’t be that long before I see you again.

    • I didn’t take a whole lof of swag home, but they’ve been pleased with the few little things they got! Next year, I won’t have to worry about how much room the swag takes up. 🙂

  2. Meowm loved meeting you! She was only there on Saturday, but she had a great time, and we scored lots of swag! She is considering trying to go to the next one in VA.

    Isn’t Moki wonderful? We adore him and his Mom!!!!!

  3. Sounds like so much fun. I am really hoping to go next year. In terms of cat bloggers versus dog bloggers, it seems like more cat bloggers attend — would you say that’s true?

    • I hope you can come next year, Julia! I think there were more dog bloggers than cat bloggers at the conference, but Kate’s and Jackson’s Catification Lounge definitely helped the cat bloggers gain more visibility.

  4. It was so great seeing you again Ingrid and I am really looking forward to your story on Moki – what an inspirational and amazing cat! And yes, the Catification Lounge was a huge hit! Great job by Kate Benjamin to show that us cat people rule!!!

  5. This sounds like it would have been lots of fun and quite informative. I cannot wait to hear more and we are rooting for you over here.

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