I have always believed that cats come into our lives to teach us. First and foremost, they teach us about unconditional love. But they also teach us to stretch and grow, to reach beyond our self-imposed limits, and to expand our consciousness.

I’ve been blessed that I got to share my life with the original feline master teacher, Buckley, and the original conscious cat, Amber. Both of these cats changed my life in ways I never could have imagined.

And both inspired books. Many of you have already read Buckley’s Story. I’m currently working on a new book which will feature Amber, and will be both a prequel and sequel to Buckley’s Story. You’ll be hearing more about it very soon!

Buckley’s and Amber’s lessons ranged from opening my heart to life’s possibilities to following my bliss to living in the moment each and every day. Allegra and Ruby are becoming little feline master teachers in their own right. From reminding me to make time for play to taking better care of myself to simply making me laugh, their presence brightens each and every day.

I’d love to hear your stories of what your cats have taught you – please share them in a comment!

Photo of Buckley © Ingrid King

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31 Comments on Sunday Purrs: what has your cat taught you about life?

  1. I lost max 4-9-15! Im a late bloomer! Hes my first loss! I dont know that I can bear this! I had 12 incredible years He made my life better! I miss him so much. I have three more, but I became so overwelmed with the loss and pain ive become disengaged! Not anxious to feel the depth of loss like this!

    • I’m so sorry about Max, Deborah. It is devastating to lose a special cat. Perhaps you’ll find some comfort in some of the articles in our Pet Loss section.

  2. Onyx and Rumi have taught me to recognize and accept love in the way it is offered- it is love just the same, as love is shown by different people in different ways. Also to stop trying to control things since it is not necessary and causes unnecessary stress and anxiety. Trust taps into a much higher power.

  3. Lolly has taught me so much in the last 4 months, never give up and always be positive! She battles Lymphoma and is winning at the moment. She is very happy and currently very ‘healthy’. She is a 6 year old cat who is undergoing chemo every 2 weeks now (was every week) and is taking it like its a walk in the park. She is in remission (after nearly passing at the end of April) and loving her life every day, we are loving having her with us still and know we are very lucky at this stage. Everyday she thanks me and cuddles me and I thank her, when the day comes for her to move on, I know that I will have made the very best of her that i possibly could and will cherish her gifts to me for the rest of MY life xx

    • Watching cats go through health challenges like your Lolly is so humbling, Julie, isn’t it? I wish you many more months and years with her!

  4. Pooh taught me that I’m worthy of love, and she did. She taught me to be patient, and she was. She taught me to care, and she did that, too. And when she passed away in May she taught me that there will never be another one like her.

  5. Annie has taught me patience and restraint. She is highly sensitive: she needs to be approached quietly, gently, slowly, and with voice more than touch. I have always had pets that were happy to roughhouse and cuddle, but with Annie’s special needs, I need to be very selective about when and how I touch her. She has a gorgeous fluffy white tummy that she shows to me all the time, because she knows I won’t touch it. Believe me, I want to touch and kiss it so badly! But I have learned to relish each delicious glimpse of what I can’t touch. I have mastered the art of the ‘slow blink,’ and the ‘energy hug.’ I cannot imagine feeling closer to her than I do.

  6. My cats, Suite & Absi teach me every day, that you need to work hard for their love!
    nothing is free & easy! great lessons in life to be learned, and its so fun to learn from a furry cute teacher that purrs when you get things done right!

  7. That is so true, Ingrid!!! Cats are little master teachers and spiritual guides in a feline body!
    I have learnt SO much from them in my over 20-year love affair with kitties!
    Their most precious teaching and spiritual help to me has been their ability to enjoy the moment and their ability to see the HEART of a person, without judging her and accepting her with all her shortcomings and little faults… I always feel loved and accepted by a kitty, no matter what fears I have, what I wasn’t able to accomplish, what I still have to work on… but there have been so many more teachings! And each kitty is unique and brings a special gift into our lives!

    Lots of love to you, Allegra and Ruby from Rhodes, Greece 🙂

  8. I’ve learned different things from each of my cats – all special in their own unique way – but the one CONSISTENT lesson they taught me is infinite patience and the real reward that two-way unconditional love can be. Cats are truly “the gift that keeps on giving” !

    Pam (and Sammy)

  9. People don’t realize this is why we share our lives with animals, and why we should cherish them and not treat them like property. I won’t take up space here to explain how much my cats have taught me–there’s far too much to tell, and it’s still evolving!

  10. I got a lesson on teamwork early this morning. Coco loves to get up on any surface and knock things down. Calypso’s short legs make it difficult for her to jump up on things. So, Coco jumped on top of my antique armoire and systematically knocked stuff down, and Calypso proceeded to bat the items around the floor. Both were having fun using their unique talents 🙂

  11. Each of them are unique… but all are so good in making the most out of a moment… like when you can relax in a puddle of sun.

  12. Madison taught me how wonderful it is to offer freely of myself. Abigail then came into our lives and reminded me every individual is unique in their own way. Madison passed away and taught me how to deal with loss but more importantly, showed me I am much stronger and grateful than I realized. Finnegan has moved in and brings an entire new dimension to life as I was living. He reminds me love and giving is infinite.

    All in all, they remind me life is a perpetual journey that offers me daily opportunities to grow and stumble; giving in here, giving in there, but never giving up.

    Lisa, Abigail and Finn

  13. Bugsy and Knuckles continue to teach HH many lessons. Most of them are about putting everything away unless you want it moved to another room.

    Have a great Sunday.

    pawhugs, Max

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