My office is my favorite room in my house  – which is a good thing, since I spend so much time in it! I have a big, white corner desk, a window with a beautiful view of the trees in my backyard, book shelves filled with treasured books and mementoes ,and a comfortable chair in one corner, which serves as meditation chair, editing chair, proofreading chair, and, of course, kitty cuddling chair.

Allegra and Ruby in office

Since I spend most of my day in my office, it’s not surprising that Allegra and Ruby do, too. They both like to hang out on the window perch next to my desk. They also like to help me work. You didn’t think I get all this writing done all by myself, did you?

As you can see in the photo at the very top, Allegra likes to sit right in front of my monitor. She says she’s proofreading my material, but what she’s really doing is following the movement of the cursor with her eyes, and sometimes her paw.


Ruby is the ultimate lap kitten, and loves to sit in my lap as much as she can. Sometimes, this limits my typing abilities to one hand, but I’m not complaining. Kitty cuddles trump work any time at our house. The only thing that will get Ruby up and out of my lap is when I print something. She has been utterly fascinated with the printer since she was a kitten. She jumps up on the desk and stares at it as paper gets pulled in and comes out on the other side. She never gets tired of this, and she actually comes running if the printer starts while she’s occupied elsewhere in the house.

As you know, both Allegra and Ruby have been especially busy these past few weeks helping me with our Pettie campaign. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for tirelessly voting for us each and every day. There are only seven days left to vote, and we appreciate each and every vote.

Do your cats help you work?

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17 Comments on Allegra and Ruby: good office help is hard to find

  1. Ruby is just too cute! Life is all about Ruby. I see you’re getting proficient at one-handed photography too. Yes, office cats, studio cats, packaging cats, we got ’em!

  2. Oh Allegra and Ruby, what would Mom do without you guys! She just thinks she writes all this stuff…when really WE ALL know it is you two channelling your thoughts to her!!! big paw pats from Savannah!!

  3. Too cute.

    I don’t work at home but they never tire of watching me do Everything. I work a split shift so I come home for a nap and lunch. I totally disrupt Their sleep because they have to watch me. I’m sure they are saying ” go back to work now so we can get some sleep”.

  4. A big chair in the office! What a marvelous idea! My office is so cluttered that I don’t think I have room for one….wait! I do have a rocking chair (duh!!) but it is covered with stuffed cats and tote bags lol. Must clean that off!

    Cody’s cat tree is next to my desk. He hasn’t been in “our” office lately because for some reason I have migrated into the kitchen with my work (much to my husband’s dismay), must head back into my office this afternoon, I do get much more done when I hole myself away there.

    Once I am back in there more often i am sure that Cody will reappear as he so often does! After all, my blog doesn’t get written without HIS help! 🙂

  5. My “office” is also my favorite room. Bookshelves surrounding me with momentous telling the story of my life…& with my kitties. My 7 year-old, calico Mandy, adopted 12/11, loves to greet me every morning. She twirls around my feet, purring, and then jumps up on my desk, purring, for some loving…& the window. In the process, my papers fall to the floor, and as she uses my printer as a jump-to resource, it gets all out-of-whack. But who cares! The soft fur, the most beautiful green eyes, the head-butts, the purring, are magic to my heart and soul.

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