Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! Mom is taking a blogging break today, and she said Allegra or I could write something instead. Well, I beat Allegra to the computer, so it’s my turn!

Mom has been busy putting the finishing touches on her new book Purrs of Wisdom, which is going to come out very soon. It’s going to be the best book ever – because I’m on the cover!


Mom says it’s going to be published on something called a Kindle.  What the heck is a kindle? Is it a kind of small cat? Mom says it’s the thing she’s been reading books on lately. It doesn’t even look like a book, it’s just a flat tablet in a cool pink case. Mom says not all Kindles have that cool pink case, though. But then, it’s no secret that Mom loves the color pink, so I suppose it was inevitable that she would get a cover like that.

love Mom’s Kindle! The reason I love it so much is that now when Mom reads, there’s more room in my lap for her. No more bulky books or magazines taking up room that should be reserved for me! I wish Mom would read all of her books on Kindle, but she says that even though she really likes her Kindle, it’s never going to take the place of one of those big, clumsy, lap-stealing books.

Kitties, I highly recommend encouraging your human to get one of those lap-space-saving Kindles!

I hope Mom spends a lot of time reading this weekend so I can get a lot of lap time in. Do you like to be in your mom’ lap while she’s reading?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Our mom is saying she needs to have one of these things “for business” because she’s been doing work to put on them. Like we need more stuff in this house! But if it comes with a box, that would be great, and if she can fit even more of us on her lap than she does now, even better!

  2. Dear Ruby,

    My name is also Ruby. I’m a sweet black kitty who lives with Anjali and Joseph and four other kitties. I like to knead the covers in the morning to wake up Anjali, and I like sitting *on* her Kindle and *on* her books. I enjoy relaxing on crinkly surfaces like newspapers, for example – preferably on the article that Anjali is trying to read. She has taken to reading books on her iPhone, which I have trouble sitting on because usually she’s holding it in her hand. I try, though. Try and try.

    She says congratulations on your upcoming book, which she will probably read on her iPad using her Kindle App, whatever that means. I hope it has something to do with tuna, catnip or toys.

    Your furry friend,

    Ruby too

  3. Well Ruby I can one up Mom has a IPad and a Kindle. We thinks its crazy…why look at a funny screen when you can play with a toy mousie? But She seems to really loves it . She tells us that she was a holdout but had to breakdown this year and get a kindle. Mom loves all the free books she can get which means more toy money for us…yippee. She does take one of those paper books when she eats out. says she’s a klutz and would spill something on her Kindle.

    Just let her have her fun Ruby she deserves it.


    • I was a hold out for a long time, too, Layla, and I never thought I’d like it as much as I do. It won’t replace real books, but it sure is nice as an alternative, and for books that aren’t available in print.

  4. Hey Ruby, our mom just got another Kindle. The kindle fire. I don’t know why, but we all get around it when Mom is trying to do something or read it. It makes Mom a little upset, because she says, ok kits you just moved my site. Can’t you kits go play with your toys. No way Ruby, it is more fun to play with mom’s kindle. Mom will get your mom’s new book on her kindle when it comes out.

  5. Hey Ruby,
    One definition of the word “kindle” is
    noun 3. a litter of kittens

    If this is what your mom is getting, I bet they’ll look real cute with pink “covers”!

  6. Oh boy… one more piece of technology I am stubbornly holding out on getting! Maybe if they had a leopard cover I would change my mind!! Concats on being on the cover, Ruby, but I guess that should come as no surprise since you are quite the pretty girl!

  7. Hiya Ruby!
    My human has an iPad and it’s kind of cool too. Like the Kindle, it leaves plenty of room for us. And whenever she’s picking a real book, I try and manage to somehow sit on it. Just to let her know, you know, that I don’t have enough room.
    We can’t wait for your Mom’s new book!

  8. I hope my cats get me a Kindle for Christmas! I want one badly! Thank you for giving me yet another reason to put one on my Christmas list! Happy reading, beautiful Ruby!

  9. Our Mom kind of wishes she could afford a kindle. That looks like fun all that lap sitting. The new book sounds good too. Have a great week end.

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