There was a lot of excitement at our house last week when I was contacted by a British production company making a special for National Geographic, provisionally called “The Wild Side of Cats.” The program looks at the behavior of domestic cats and examines how that compares to big cat behaviour in the wild.

The production company came across a video clip that I shot of Allegra testing the new Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes Sofa Scratcher Chaise. I always knew Allegra was a world-champion scratcher, but apparently, her technique in the video clip is so perfect that they might use it for the special they’re filming.

Allegra hasn’t let her potential fame go to her head. She still deigns to spend time with Ruby and me, and aside from occasional remarks such as “I should be fed first, because I’m going to be famous,” she’s taken things in stride.

If the clip will be used, we’ll receive a DVD of the show, and of course, Allegra will make sure that her PR peeps (translate: me) will notify you if and when the show will be aired. In the meantime, all requests for interviews and public appearances should be directed to me.

Here’s the video with the apparent star-making potential:


January 17, 2013 update: we just received confirmation from the production company that the clip will, indeed, be used for the show!

33 Comments on Allegra’s World: I’m going to be famous!

  1. Allegra’s already a star….this is just confirmation!
    Fingers and anything else I can get crossed, she makes the cut!!

    Head noogies for both girls…and a pat on the back for you too Ingrid : )

  2. These look nice the ones I’ve been getting from a local store my cats tear apart too easy.
    These are prettier also. If they don’t have one they like my bed. Which is a no no.


  3. Allegra, next you’ll be teaching humans how to make their cats happy! We think your mom should feed you first anyway, because. Just wondering when your mom started spelling behavior with a “u”…?

  4. Congrats! A movie star in the making. Shes a pro at that thing.

    Ingrid, question. I always get confused who is Ruby and who is Allegra when looking at their pics. Can you give me a heads up with something that distinguishes so that I know right away. Thanks


    • Diana, if you look at the header, that’s Allegra on the left, and Ruby on the right. Allegra has the tan bib with the white spot in the center. She also has one tan eyebrow. Ruby has a tan spot on her right cheek (although you can’t see it very well in this particular photo). Does this help?

  5. That is very exciting news Allegra.We sure hope you get to be on the program. You are doing such a good job with that scratcher. Take care.

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