It’s my birthday today! I’m three years old! I can’t wait to see what Mom and Ruby have in store for me today.


It’s hard to believe that I was ever this tiny. When I came to live with Mom, I was seven months old. The photo above was taken the day Mom met me for the first time.

Amber showing Allegra the ropes

My older sister Amber showed me the ropes. I know I probably drove her crazy. All I wanted to do was play, and she didn’t seem to understand that. I was sad when she passed away only five weeks after I arrived.

Allegra and Ruby as kitten

A little less than a year later, I got to be big sister to Ruby and show her the ropes. It had been just me and Mom for all that time, and while I loved being an only kitty and Mom played with me a lot, it was also fun to have someone of my own kind to play with and chase through the house.

Ooh, I see Mom just brought out some packages with pretty paper and ribbons! I bet they’re for me! I’m the luckiest cat in the world!

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  1. Happy Birthday Allegra!! Your birthday was the first anniversary of my heart cat Harri’s passing, so it was a tough day for me, but it looks like you had a fun day being spoiled! 9/1 I’ll celebrate my Bessie Lou’s 1st birthday. We got her as a 3 week old kitten to foster and I can’t believe she’s 1 already!! I have her party planned, right down to the plate of her raw food with a #1 candle in it!

  2. Happy Birthday Miss Allegra! Lots of purrs and kisses to you! Love Kiki and Jayda P.S. Did your mommy make you wear a Birthday hat too like ours did?

  3. Happy Birthday, Allegra! You have grown into a beautiful adult cat. I enjoy being able to see your progress and beauty!

  4. Thank you for the birthday wishes! The birthday girl got lots of presents, and she just polished off a special birthday dinner. She and Ruby have been partying all day, as evidenced by the photo I posted on our Facebook page.

  5. A very Happy Birthday Allegra. I cannot believe that you are already three. We remember when you came to live with Amber. We are so glad you picked that terrific Mom of yours. And glad you have your friend Ruby now. Hope you have a fantastic day and many more of them.

  6. Allegra, we can’t wait to see what you got! And what you got to eat! and if you have to wear a silly hat! We just had our fifth birthday and it was grand! Will you let Ruby celebrate with you?

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