I’m so thrilled with some of the early reviews that are coming in for Purrs of Wisdom, I just have to share some of my favorite excerpts with you!

From Anna David, author of Animal Attraction:

“A perfect (restrained myself from writing purrfect) little gem of a book that explains life lessons the author learned through her cats, Purrs of Wisdom offers a slew of tips from a clear cat (and life) lover. Recommend it for cat people and non cat people alike!”

From Caren Gittleman at Cat Chat:

“Purrs of Wisdom will make you think, it will warm your soul,  it will wrap itself around your mind and your heart  like a soft-as-down kitty snuggling at your side.”

From Liz Eastwood at Natural Cat Care Blog:

Purrs of Wisdom makes a sweet gift for cat lovers who are setting the intention of a less cluttered and more wholesome life in the New Year. Consider wrapping it up with some herbal tea or catnip and giving someone (such as yourself) the gift of daily contemplations on intentional living, feline style.”

From Decca Price at Decca’s Cats:

“The golden thread running throughout the book is essential catness: Live in the moment and discover the importance of contemplation and gratitude. Observe the cats you know, then emulate them. Cats are centered beings, and you can be, too. … It’s easy to see that Ms. King is a true cat person — her cats are not mere “pets” but genuine companions and guides. Cats changed her life and helped her reach her dreams. That can happen for you, too, if you are willing to watch and learn.”

From Janea Kelly at Paws and Effect:

“I strongly encourage you to get a copy of this book and allow Ingrid King’s gentle voice guide you through the lessons her own feline companions have taught her. … Purrs of Wisdom is a wonderful gift for cat lovers and anyone else who wants to move through their lives more consciously.”

From Deborah Barnes at Zee & Zoey:

“Find a delightful sunbeam in your house, curl up with a cat on your lap and a steaming mug of your favorite beverage at your side and read this book without distractions or clutter to your mind. Don’t rush it. Read it, ponder the advice, reflect about your own life and how you can apply the lessons King shares to make your own world just a bit more healthy – both in mind and spirit, so that eventually the lessons become second nature to you.”

 Get a personalized and autographed copy of Purrs of Wisdom

If you would like personalized and autographed copies of Purrs of Wisdom, send me an e-mail. The cost is $16.90 for a single copy, which includes shipping and handling. If you order multiple copies, the shipping cost will be slightly higher. I can ship directly to the recipient, and if you’d like the book gift wrapped, I’ll do that for you at no additional charge.

Alternately, you can purchase the book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, and I’d be happy to mail you, or the recipient, an autographed bookmark.

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