Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! Mom said I should tell you about where I sleep at night, because she thinks it’s just “so darn cute!” I don’t really know why she thinks it’s so cute. I don’t do it to be cute, I do it to stay warm!

When we go to bed at night, Allegra curls up on one side of Mom, and I curl up on her other side. Usually, Mom has her arms around me, and Allegra is wedged against her back. It’s nice and cozy, and a good way to start the night. But as the night goes on, I get a little chilly, and for the past few nights, I decided that Mom must be on to something, because she sleeps under a nice, warm comforter.

So I decided to check things out. I very quietly crawled under the comforter, being careful not to wake Mom. Hmmm. It sure was nice and toasty under there. And there was lots of room to spread out – but I still wanted to be close to Mom, so after exploring for a little while, I curled up right against her tummy. At some point during the night, I heard her pat the area where I usually sleep with her hand. “Ruby?” she called out quietly. I didn’t make a peep. Was she going to figure out where I was? Was it okay for me to be there?

Of course she figured it out – and I could feel her big smile with my entire being. She reached under the comforter, gave me a quick pet, and then we both went back to sleep.

And in case you’re wondering about Allegra: she never even woke up while all of this was going on!

Inquiring kittens want to know: do your kitties sleep under the covers with you?

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  1. Well depends on when Hubby is home. When he is on his rotation at work, all 6 kitties sleep on and off with me. Katie the oldest DSH has the spot above my head, but she does like to get some undercover snuggles if the Ragdolls are still off running around. Merlot the youngest Ragdoll comes for a undercover cuddle, but usually sleeps just under Katie off to the side of my face. Two or Three sleep part time by my feet. Then it’s off to the sock basket or the Meow Foundation beds that they have in the room.

  2. My 2 fur kids now don’t sleep with me, but do with my husband. They never sleep under the covers. The one that did sleep under the covers was my Miss Cleopawtra. She was always at my side no matter where I was, on the couch, in the kitchen cooking, in the shower, where she would sit on the side of the tub and wait until I was done. She is missed everyday, but the new kitty Fionna is a joy I just wish she was more friendly towards me. She seems to like men more than females, but she is coming around some. My husband calls the new kitty “The Kitty from He**’ and she is that sometimes, but she still is a kitten and is just curious about everything. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Year!!!!

  3. Spitfire has been a good learner in that she has learned to wait till her mom with restless leg and fibro actually falls asleep, then comes over to find a place to snuggle. She is willing throughout the night to be moved if I am feeling trapped by the blankets, and typically by morning she is nestled under the covers with me, content to lay there as long as I do.

      • She’s been so great! She is so different then any other cat I have had in the past (and they where all very special!) I am really glad to have found more information on tortoiseshell cats and love hearing you and other people share their cat stories on here too. I hope my beautiful “monster kitten” (a new nickname due to her already being 9lbs at 7 months….she is just plan huge from paws to ears to her really long tail!) is with me for a long long time 🙂

  4. I have a couple that sleep at the foot of my bed on the opposite side (so I can’t kick them when I turn over.) Two of them often take turns sleeping at the head of the bed next to me, sometimes two at once with one on the pillow and one just below. One boy will come cuddle with me when it is time to tuck me in, but as soon as I turn off the light, he jumps down and heads somewhere else in the house to sleep (I’m really not sure where!)

    And then there is my Baby Bonnie. She sleeps on top of me. <3 I am a side sleeper, and she will sleep on my hip, my side or my shoulder, which to me, feels like an embrace, her precious weight making me feel safe and secure. She is very smart, and when I start to shift, she will get up and stand next to me, waiting for me to get comfy before climbing back aboard to settle down.

    To wake me up in the morning, she tends to settle herself onto my bladder. I told you she's very smart!

  5. My Angel goes under the covers, when someone knocks on the door, but she doesn’t come when I’m in bed. Kensey will come & lay on my chest, purr and tickle me with her whiskers, then after a little while, she’ll get on top of the covers by my legs and sleep!

  6. My cat loves to slip under the covers during the day.

    At night, though, he becomes easily irritated by my moving around, and leaves in a huff. I try to keep still, but don’t always succeed!

    • I used to get that huffy look from Allegra when she started sleeping with me and I would dare turn over or move around, Pam. Now she barely wakes up anymore when I do – or at the very least, she has resigned herself that it will happen, and no matter how disdainful the look she’ll give me, it’ll still keep happening!

  7. FaRADaY: YES! I’m definitely an undercover kitteh! I start out behind mommy’s knees, and then work my way up to share her pillow with her. Unless Maxwell jumps up and steps on me, then I come out and make him give me a bath as punishment (MOL).

  8. What a great place to sleep! We’ll have to check that out. We sleep all over the place. Some of us like the couch and some of us like the wide windowsill. Some like the cat tower and then there’s the heated boxes. Our brother Maxx like the bathroom cubby hole and some of us like our own bed in our own room! But if we could, we’d all sleep on Mom’s pillow! Purrs…

  9. Hi Ruby,

    I don’t like to snuggle under the covers. I give mom some lovin then I’m off to do my thing at night. A girl has to have her adventures. My big sis Lucy when it’s cold lays between moms legs on top of the blanket. She’s ventured underneath trying to hunt but then she becomes a fraidy cat and runs out. It does sound nice and warm. Sleep tight.

    Lil Rikki

      • Ahh Ruby there is only so much adventure we can have inside 😉 but it is the best time to use our power of seeing in the dark. That is the time to find all those kitty toys mom has bought for us and rehide them. 🙂

  10. Mistletoe came home on December 10, 2003. As soon as she started to trust me she started sleeping on my chest at night. Lucky I’m a back sleeper. In the beginning she would creep quietly onto my chest once she thought I was sleeping. When she started to gain confidence in our relationship she became bolder. I knew she trusted me completely when she started to ask to come under the covers. Even now she’ll wake me by carefully tapping me with one claw, just hard enough to wake me. If that doesn’t prompt me to,raise the blankets she carefully tries to reach under the blankets with her paw, while trying very hard not to scratch my neck. I then put the covers down so she can get comfortable, then tuck us both in together. Right now I’m writing this on the iPad while Mistletoe sleep on my chest with her head resting just above my left breast and the covers pulled up to her neck,my arm pits. If I’m cover up to my chin,she sleeps with her head on my shoulder. I wonder how many people avoid moving so as to not disturb the kitty? In my house other people will perform tasks so the snuggler doesn’t have to disturb the snuggley. It seems that we are a catcenterric household! Enjoy your snuggles!

  11. Ruby, you are truly the explorer! I have had several kitties who got under the covers with me, but none who stayed the whole night except Kublai, who slept next to me under the covers with his head on my pillow. Stanley and Namir spent some time under there, Kelly would cuddle tight against me and purr for exactly one minute and then curl up on the other pillow, and now Mewsette does the same thing.

  12. I’ve had kitties all my life, but my recently departed kitty of 15 years, Mischa, was the first one I’ve had that slept under the covers with me and I figured it was just one of his unique quirks (he really was quite a character). I was happy to find that Minnie, my new kitty, crawled under the covers with me the first night I brought her home, and has done this every night since. Everybody stays warm and happy!

  13. When it’s cold Amara paws at me until I lift the covers so she can curl up against my legs. Wilson always stays on top (both sleep with me). My late cat, Thomas, loved to spoon. He would get under the covers and stretch out with his head on the pillow and my arm around him.

  14. The three boys that live with me go under covers quite oftes, generally depending on their mood, and how the temperature is. Even if I am not under the covers they enjoy it.

  15. Soooo adorable!!! Love it! Do you know that Cody NEVER sleeps on the bed? I think it is so strange. He will come in at night to snuggle and be petted, then he leaves to go and sleep with Dakota. He will come in in the morning and snuggle but will NEVER sleep on the bed, even when we aren’t in it. My Angel Bobo used to LIVE on the bed! 🙂

    • Sounds like Cody is making sure Dakota gets snuggle time at night, Caren. I think that’s very sweet that Cody sleeps with him, although I’m sure you’d love to have him in bed with you.

  16. Good for you Ruby – figuring out where the warm spot is under the covers with Mom! I prefer to sleep on my own – downstairs in the living room on top of my fleece throw while I keep a lookout and guard Mom and Dad. The only other “best spot” for sleeping is on Mom’s legs when she’s in her recliner – that’s my FAVORITE – sadly she won’t sleep in her recliner at night – silly human!!

    Hugs, Sammy

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