Happiness does not light gently on my shoulder like a butterfly.
She pounces on my lap, demanding that I scratch behind her ears. –Anonymous

What is happiness? The answer to this broad question is, of course, subjective, although I’d say for most of us, the above quote captures its meaning purr-fectly.

Today, Ruby would like to share her definition.

In Ruby’s world, happiness is:

  • sitting in Mom’s lap while she’s working, watching tv, reading, or any other time. Mom’s lap is the best place on earth!
  • playing with my sister. I especially like chasing her around the house.
  • watching the birds on our deck. I just know that one day, I’ll actually manage to catch one!
  • breakfast and dinner time. And snack time, too.
  • snuggling with Mom at night – especially under the covers. I can feel Mom’s whole body smile when I do that.
  • racing through the house at top speed, aka, getting the zoomies. Wee!!!

What is your definition of happiness? What about your kitties?

14 Comments on Sunday Purrs: Ruby on Happiness

  1. Happiness are those moments I stop worrying about what needs to be done, should be done and wish I could do and I realize all I have that no one can ever take from me. The memory of my mother’s surprise at her 50th birthday, the memory of my son at 2 walking through the high grass at the park, giggling like mad as the grass tickles his chubby little legs below his summer shorts. Happiness is holding my purring Mistletoe under the covers on a cold night or being woken in the middle of the night by a loudly purring Hitch whose looking for some freeze-dried shrimp.

    Happiness is when I read Conscious Cat Sunday on a Tuesday morning and am reminded that happiness is all around and all I have to do is choose it. So, for today, I choose happiness.


  2. Ruby’s definition is almost purrfect to me! Except I’m not really a lap cat. I used to love it when I was a kitten, but now my human’s lap is not big enough for me.

    What I like is, when I’m curled up on the bed or in the couch, my human will delicately put her head on me to hear me purr. That makes me purrs a LOT and my human loves it!
    And we are both happy!

    Have a great Sunday!

  3. Ruby is so right. “Happiness” is highly over-rated…it’s those little glimmers of joy we find in the everyday things in life. Watching the cats play, being greeting at the door by an always happy pup, the smell of fresh brewed coffee, watching the birds and squirrels play, Spring flowers…I could go on and on. (There’s one exception…..winning the lottery…that would bring happiness ; )

  4. We have plenty of happy moments, the boys and me… like laying in the sun, drinking fresh water -better if it is from the faucet-, watching the street from the window, all of us curling up in bed on rainy days, eating turkey ham, having a good scratch behind the ears… being together.

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