Purring would seem to be, in her case, an automatic safety-valve device for
dealing with happiness overflow. – Monica Edwards


Two weeks ago, we tried to answer the question “what is happiness?” At that time, Ruby got to share her definition. Today, it’s Allegra’s turn.

In Allegra’s World, happiness is:

  • Sleeping on top of the cable box. What a fabulous invention, and how thoughtful of Mom to provide it for me.
  • Sleeping on my sunny window perch (do you see a theme here).
  • Breakfast, dinner, treats – I love all forms of food. And cheese! I love it when Mom shares a piece of cheese with me!
  • Snuggling up against Mom in bed at night.
  • Stalking my sister. She’s so silly and falls for it every time.
  • Spring play! My springs are my favorite toy right now.

Some of you already shared your definition of happiness on Ruby’s post two weeks ago. We’d love to hear more of them – just reading through your comments makes me happy!

13 Comments on Sunday Purrs: Allegra on Happiness

  1. Happiness is a warm cat! Or 6, as is the number in my house right now. I especially love it when Lucky lies in my lap and does one of his “head stands”: he tucks his head completely under his body! So adorable, and I have no idea how he does it! Or having Squeaker sit on my lap after years of not being a lap cat.

    And very happy-making for me right now is watching Casey happily and eagerly eat her food! With CKD, she often isn’t all that thrilled with needing to eat. When she does, it’s a joyous thing.

  2. Um… hi conchus cats, Waffles Too here.

    My definition of happeeness is pretty simple:
    Happeeness is anything Katie, my big sister…I mean the Boss… likes.
    Oh and happeeness is also jumping on her, even though she doesn’t really like that. Yet.

    Waffles Too

  3. Happiness is having everyone safe and snug inside our warm comfortable home while the snow falls. Soup simmer and bread bakes, while kitties and their doggie friend enjoy some chicken and rice that didn’t make it in to the soup pot. It won’t last long and soon everyone will be on their way, but for a little while all the outside distractions recede and our family, two and four legged, is first, together and smiling.

  4. That sure does sound like happiness. Allegra you look so pretty in that window. My kitties love the sun too and their snuggly beds.

  5. The elder boy at home loves to lay on top of me when I am in bed. It does not matter if I am on my back or my side, he finds a way to place his 6.3 kilograms on top of me -actually from my waist to my shoulder- and happily purrrrrrrrs… and he purrs really loud.

  6. Mahoney here, Allegra, I love to take naps on the top part of our cat tree. And my most favorite thing to do is to play with my Neko toy which is the one that looks like a spider. I even dip it in the water bowl and give it a bath a couple times of day. Hope you and your Mom and sister have a great day.

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