Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! The other day, Mom left the computer on with YouTube up on the screen, so Allegra and I watched a bunch of silly cat videos that made us laugh. But when we watched the famous British Cravendale Milk commercial titled “If Cats Had Thumbs” (see below) it really got me thinking! The things I could do….

If I had thumbs, I would never have to wait for Mom to feed us – I could figure out how to open the refrigerator, get our raw food out, take the lid off the container, and Allegra and I would be set. (Yes, I would share with my big sister!). No waiting for Mom to mix everything up for us. No waiting for measly little portions. I would control how much we eat!

If I had thumbs, I could get the treat bag out of the cabinet whenever I wanted! That would be so cool!

If I had thumbs, I could get a better grip on my toys. I love batting my toys all over the house, but some of them, especially the little balls, are slippery little things. Just when I think I caught one, off it rolls again in another direction. There would be none of that with thumbs.

If I had thumbs, I could turn the tv on at night when I’m bored after Mom goes to bed. Ha! Wouldn’t that freak her out if she heard noise in the living room all of a sudden!

If I had thumbs, I could open the hall closet where Mom keeps all of our interactive toys. I don’t understand why she can’t just leave them out all the time.

If I had thumbs, I could buy all the treats and toys I want online. I watch Mom shop online, and it doesn’t look that hard. I’m pretty sure I could figure it out.

Oh, the things I could do if only I had those thumbs…

What would your kitties do if they had thumbs?

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14 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: If I Had Thumbs…

  1. That Cravendale milk commercial is one of the funniest ads I’ve ever seen. I laugh every time I watch it! I like Ruby’s “Thumbs” list, it’s similar to the one Rocky made for the RPO blog a few months ago — and he had the milk commercial in that post, too!! MOL. Great feline minds think alike.

  2. Ruby, you are such a clever girl! Well, you found out what humans have “more” than you kitties… but of course you are the best at EVERYTHING else!!!!

    Dear Ingrid, thank you for you sweet birthday wishes for Zoe! 🙂 Purrrrs from her! 🙂

  3. Ruby I think my kitties feel the same way you do. In fact the 3 of them keep looking at me now saying what are you waiting for? They want their dinner.

  4. If Axl had thumbs, Daddy wouldn’t be able to shut him out of the bedroom at night and he’d be able to open the door and go and curl up with Mummy to sleep…….

    If Alfie had thumbs, he’d be able to unlock the back door himself and leave it wide open for the house to get cold whilst he just sits in the opening and looks outside……

    If Flash had thumbs, he’d be able to open his own food and not bother with those pesky people for his dinner……

    If all of them had thumbs, they’d be able to open their treats that bit quicker (they already can get the lid off given enough time) and eat more before Mummy catches them…..

    If all of them had thumbs, Mummy dreams that maybe she could teach them how to use the actual toilet!

  5. I have this many time and just love it. So imaginative. Have the kitties become secret agents for the cause yet? Mine have great disguises.

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