Last August, I was contacted by a British production company making a special for National Geographic called “Wild Side of Cats.” The program looks at the behavior of domestic cats and examines how that compares to big cat behaviour in the wild.

The production company came across a video clip that I shot of Allegra testing the Imperial Cat Scratch ‘n Shapes Sofa Scratcher Chaise. I always knew Allegra was a world-champion scratcher, but apparently, her technique in the video clip is so perfect that they ended up using it for the special they’re filming.

The special will air this Sunday, May 19, on Nat Geo Wild at 8pm Eastern. For more information about the show, visit Nat Geo Wild.

Allegra is taking her impending fame in stride. Please direct all requests for interviews to her manager – I mean, loyal servant – aka, yours truly.

Here is the video that will  make Allegra a star:


27 Comments on Allegra Will Be Featured on Nat Geo Wild’s “Wild Side of Cats”

  1. Just saw her tonight! I think she looked great but I think the producers should have showed her a little more too!

  2. if anyone missed it, it is airing a few more times in the next couple of weeks. I just set my tivo to record the one showing tomorrow, can’t wait to see it!

  3. Concats! I’ll have to get my human to check if they receive the channel!
    Allegra IS a star!

  4. Oh Allegra, we are so excited that you are going to be famous. Now we just need your autograph. You need to send out your paw prints. It sure is nice knowing you.

  5. I looked on Amazon for the Imperial scratcher and could not find a way to choose a color or pattern. I looked elsewhere online at many sites and could not find it. Do you know how to select a color on Amazon, or are there other vendors that carry this particular item?

    I will definitely be watching Allegra’s big acting debut. She looks totally blissed out in her video – sometimes a challenge with torties!



  6. Way to go Allegra! Who knew you were a world champ scratcher and would wind up helping National Geo out with your demo video……CONCATULATIONS!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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